‘My 600-lb Life June Update: Looking Better, Thinner, And Still As Feisty As Ever

The story of June McCamey has always been one of the most memorable cases ever featured on TLC’s hit reality TV series My 600-lb Life. During her first appearance on the show, both viewers and weight-loss expert Dr. Now noted that June’s morbid obesity is a classic case of someone with a food addiction living with a partner who is an enabler. As revealed in the recently aired My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? episode, as well as June’s personal Facebook, however, it appears that the once-difficult patient is well on her way toward a full recovery.

When June was first featured on My 600-lb Life, many viewers and avid fans of the series noted that she was arguably one of the most difficult cases featured on the hit reality TV show. Over the course of her first feature, June was revealed to have lied to Dr. Now about her willingness to cooperate with the medical expert’s program. She also appeared to have invented illnesses and maladies in order to draw attention to herself, according to a TV Ruckus report. What actually managed to infuriate viewers, however, was her tendency to question whether Dr. Now really knew what was best for her.

In a lot of ways, June’s weight gain and her unhealthy tendencies were partly the results of a tragic incident that happened to one of her children. Back in 2011, Kenneth, her 17-year-old son, was killed, which caused June to enter into a tailspin that she was unable to escape from on her own. Her weight spiraled out of control, exacerbated by her partner’s enabling behavior. Eventually, however, June managed to focus enough and qualify for a gastric bypass surgery.

As revealed in the recently aired Where Are They Now? episode, however, June has lost a staggering amount of weight since first appearing on the show. Losing more than 200 pounds since undergoing gastric bypass surgery, June now looks pretty amazing. Her public Facebook profile, which she maintains in order to communicate and update viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show about her progress, has been filled with recent photos. Interestingly, all of them show the 44-year-old mother of four looking far healthier and thinner than when she was first featured on My 600-lb Life.

One thing that definitely stuck to viewers even during her first appearance in the reality TV series was her spunk, and from what could be inferred from the posts on her official Facebook page, her feistiness is still as noticeable as ever. Most of the messages and uploads on June’s Facebook profile feature images of her posing with new clothes that fit her new physique well, as well as encouraging messages based on her faith. Overall, if there is anything that can be determined from June’s social media activities, it is the fact that her recovery from morbid obesity is well on its way to being completed.

Very few people could bounce back from the emotional and physical setbacks that June has experienced over the past years. Although much of the drastic weight gain that led to June’s morbid obesity could be attributed to her and how she handled her tribulations in the past, her ability to power through and eventually overcome her roadblocks is something that many viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show could not help but simply admire.

From being entirely dependent on her partner for everything from food to her hygiene, June has gotten very far in her journey toward a full recovery. If her public Facebook profile is any indication, it appears that it would only be a matter of time before June of TLC’s My 600-lb Life finally attains the weight and health that she is aiming to achieve.

[Featured Image by TLC]