Brigitte Bardot Supports Underdog Marine Le Pen In French Presidential Election, Says Macron Has Cold Eyes

Monika Zoltany

French bombshell Brigitte Bardot, now 82-years-young, urged her fellow countrymen to vote for National Front candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election, saying that rival Emmanuel Macron has contempt for animals and reminisced about her father, who passed on to her a patriotic love for France.

[caption id="attachment_4200600" align="alignnone" width="567"]Brigitte Bardot for Marine Le Pen. French star Brigitte Bardot supports Marine Le Pen in the presidential election. [Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images][/caption]

Bardot released a statement that was highly critical of the En Marche! party candidate, Emmanuel Macron, who is the popular front-runner to win in Sunday's election.

"The contempt he gives to animal suffering can be seen in the total lack of empathy reflected in the coldness of his steel eyes."
"Whilst the scandals are increasing, he takes the side of the animal breeders and the hunters against animal rights associations that are fighting with the lobbies that seem to have power over this candidate."

After her retirement, Bardot became a dedicated animal rights activist. She used her fame to champion the rights for animals all over the world. She has fought this mission for over 40 years.

She has also been fined multiple times for making comments critical of Islam. Europe has strict laws against hate speech and citizens can be fined, even jailed, for making comments that are judged to incite racial hatred. Europe is also undergoing a cultural crisis as it accepts thousands of refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern countries. France itself has experienced the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Europe, notably coordinated attacks with illegal weapons. French citizens are not allowed to own guns. This perfect storm of conflict has some calling for the drastic change. National Front leader Marine Le Pen built her campaign on it.

Brigitte Bardot skirted yet another fine with comments that focused on the current state of France.

"We live in a period when everything is vulgar, ordinary, and mediocre. France no longer has the radiance, the majesty it had."
"I am very patriotic. I was raised by a father and a grandfather who fought for France and instilled in me a love of my homeland. I am not proud of what France is today… I'm not a 'facho' [fascist], any more than Marine Le Pen is."
"Marine Le Pen has the will to take France in hand, to restore borders and give priority to the French."

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