The iPhone 8’s Impressive And Strange Leaked Schematics Are Slowly Being Confirmed

The iPhone 8 is still months away, but interest in the device is already at an all-time high. As leaks about the upcoming flagship smartphone continue to trickle down, the highly anticipated device is slowly taking form. Just recently, a couple of prolific mobile leak hunters have provided the iPhone 8’s alleged final schematics, and while the leaked design in itself leaves much to be desired, following renders and photo leaks appear to confirm the authenticity of the schematics.

Apple is known to produce multiple prototypes of its flagship devices in the months leading up to the product’s launch. This was done with the iPhone 7, and with other devices that the Cupertino-based tech giant has revealed over the years. With regards to the iPhone 8, the recently leaked schematics appear to depict one of these early prototypes, and considering the details and designs’ perfect match to previous rumors, the chances of the flagship smartphone following the design in the leaks are quite notable.

The two leaks, originating from upstart leak hunter and concept creator Benjamin Gaskin and later corroborated by veteran Twitter tech source OnLeaks, featured an iPhone 8 design that carries much of the features that have been rumored for the device. Among these is a wireless charging coil, which appears to confirm speculations that the iPhone 8 would finally debut wireless charging. The headphone jack, removed in the iPhone 7, is nowhere to be seen as well.


Wireless charging features have long been rumored for the iPhone 8. Speculations about the device stated that the upcoming flagship would feature a glass and metal design, which would make the upcoming smartphone immediately distinct from the iPhone’s last three iterations. The glass back of the device would also enable the smartphone to charge wirelessly, as seemingly confirmed by the presence of a wireless charging coil in the recently leaked schematics.

The headphone jack on the iPhone 8 has always been much of a long shot, considering that the feature was removed from Apple’s present flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. Thus, the absence of the classic jack in the design is something that is largely unsurprising.

The leaked schematics also appear to confirm rumors stating that the iPhone 8 would feature an embedded TouchID sensor and Home Button, according to a Forbes report. Just like wireless charging, the embedded fingerprint sensor and Home Button have long been rumored for the upcoming smartphone, and if the leaked designs turn out to be accurate, the iPhone 8 might very well debut these compelling new features.


One thing that has managed to get the attention of numerous Apple fans, however, is the leaked iPhone 8 schematics’ vertical dual-camera alignment. The premise behind the unorthodox configuration has so far beguiled even the most avid fans of the Cupertino-based tech giant. So far, however, there is very little information about Apple’s rationale behind the iPhone 8’s alleged vertical cameras.

The vertical camera alignment appears to be a constant in recent leaks about the iPhone 8. Just a couple of days ago, Geskin released yet another image, this one showing an alleged iPhone 8 case. Just as the leaked schematics would suggest, the image of the case suggests that the iPhone 8 would indeed feature the rather unorthodox primary camera configuration. Numerous Apple fans have reacted positively to the leaked image of the iPhone 8 case, however, with many stating that it looks perfectly simplistic and in line with Apple’s overall design templates. Others also remarked that the absence of a fingerprint reader on the rear of the device is a very welcome sign.

The iPhone 8 was initially rumored to be released sometime around September 2017, though recent rumors have stated that the flagship smartphone would see a launch at a later date due to production issues. Pricing of the device also remains unknown, though speculations are high that the iPhone 8 might be priced somewhere north of $1000.

[Featured Image by Kiichiro Sato/AP Images]