Johnny Depp At Disneyland As Jack Sparrow Surprising Guests On ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Ride

Can you imagine waiting in the typically long Disneyland lines to enjoy a ride on the popular Pirates of the Caribbean only to be met with the real Captain Jack Sparrow? Johnny Depp knows how to keep his Pirates of the Caribbean fans happy and recently delighted hundreds when he showed up at Disneyland in costume as Captain Jack Sparrow. Those who were there to witness it said that he never broke character.

Fans were freaking out as they realized that this wasn’t some animated version of Captain Jack Sparrow, but it was the real deal. Johnny Depp really did dress up in full costume in order to shock and please his fans, which is something that he has been rumored to do in the past. As a matter of fact, it’s a big Disneyland story that gets told while visiting the park, often by other guests, that Depp is known to just show up and surprise everyone.

Johnny Depp has quite a lot going on in his personal life after a messy divorce from Amber Heard last year and allegations that he was abusive during their marriage. The recent back and forth between Depp and his former management team about whether he wasted millions or they mismanaged his fortune has also been problematic for the star.

Apparently, in the midst of crisis, Johnny Depp knows exactly how to wow his fans and do instant rehab on his image. While the top trending Johnny Depp story lately has been centered on claims volleyed back and forth between Johnny Depp and his former business managers.

The latest in the lawsuit Johnny Depp filed against his former management team in January after he claimed fraud and negligence on their part. Joel and Rob Mandel, who run The Management Team, fired back that Johnny was wasteful and often spent more than $2 million to live. Johnny responded and asked that if he was so bad, why didn’t they fire him as a client? To which they responded and branded Depp as a “habitual liar” just yesterday.

Johnny Depp at Disneyland dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. #PiratesLife #POTC5

— Black Rose (@BlacRose_) April 27, 2017

It seems that Johnny Depp realized his image needed a little pick-me-up, or maybe he just needed to spend some time being someone else. Either way, Johnny Depp’s appearance at Disneyland as he reprised his role as Captain Jack Sparrow was just the image boost he needed. Now everyone is talking about how the “real” Captain Jack Sparrow was at Disneyland in costume and in character as they floated along the Pirates of the Caribbean ride on Wednesday evening.

Fans took pictures and video that they shared on Twitter as Johnny Depp never broke character. He can be seen in the video below as he stood on a balcony above the Pirates of the Caribbean sign and waved his sword at the incredibly excited fans.

In another video, Johnny Depp can be seen much closer to the water as he danced and posed with the rest of the Pirates of the Caribbean animatronic scene continued on behind him. You can tell as people realize that they are watching the real Johnny Depp and not a robotic version of him as they all start gasping and screaming while the videos roll.

Of course, Johnny Depp’s Disneyland appearance is fun, but it was also done in order to promote his newest film. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is set to open in theaters on May 26. This will be the fifth installment of the Disney franchise.

How excited would you be to realized that Johnny Depp is at Disneyland in costume on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride while you are visiting the theme park? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Disney]