'Southern Charm' Season Four Recap, Kathryn Passes, Craig Tries To Help Thomas--Spoilers

**Southern Charm Spoilers Ahead**

Once again, Southern Charm fans only get a glimpse of Kathryn Dennis, explaining to Craig in a restaurant that she has officially passed her drug test after returning to Charleston from Malibu, and so she will get visitation with her kids. We still haven't seen Kathryn interacting with the cast as a whole, but it seems that with Southern Charm Season 4, Bravo is trying to build up interest in order to boost ratings before they give fans what they want. In the mean time, Landon is trying on what were Kathryn's shoes, and wandering around the plantation in them.

But the big news casting a shadow on tonight's episode of Southern Charm is Thomas Ravenel's rant on Friday after seeing tonight's episode in full. It seems Thomas is awfully sensitive about parenting, and lost his, um, composure after Craig saw Thomas seeming to ignore Kensie and Saint at the polo match, according to the Inquisitr. Craig certainly crossed a line, not being a parent and all, and then, tattling on Thomas to Kathryn, but Thomas took a swing back, and made it personal, calling into question Craig's ethics and intellectual capacity. It was one of those moments that lets fans know this is a show for show's sake, and many of these people likely cannot stand each other. Between the rant, and Thomas and Whitney deciding who is "our class," Thomas just came out seeming like a snob on Southern Charm and off.

In what potentially seemed like the set up for a Southern Charm version of an Agatha Christie mystery, Shep held his 37th birthday party on a boat that cruised around the harbor, and of course, by the Ravenel Bridge. Shep's friends from Southern Charm, and also from Shep's investment in Yotme were aboard, and took lots of photos of the event, including one of Shep and Cameran wearing birthday cake.


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Also attending the party was 19 year old Eliza Limestone, "friend" of the Southern Charm cast, who mentioned that her family also has a bridge. Huh, okay. Landon mentioned that at least she is a good swimmer just in case she needed to jump off the boat, and swim for it. At one point of another, it felt like several attendees weighed their swimming options.

Perhaps one of the more amusing moments aboard the Southern Charm Shep Rose birthday booze cruise was Cameran giving Shep the heavy sell about Chelsea, pointing out Thomas, and asking if that's how Shep wants to be at 54. But in a mini-plot, Chelsea and Austen seem to have a bit more chemistry than Chelsea and Shep. But Cameran wants Shep to up his game, and put a bit more feeling into wooing her friend Chelsea. Ah, another Southern Charm love triangle.

But it was hard not to notice that in the first episode of Southern Charm, Season 4, the talk was all about Kathryn, "refusing" to take a drug test, knowing she would fail. Well, the negative (untrue) buzz got far more traction than the positive, that Kathryn had passed her test, and had visitation with Kensie and Saint reinstated. Thomas knew it at the polo event, yet it wasn't even mentioned on this episode of Southern Charm.
But once again, it seems that there are dark clouds brewing in the Southern Charm previews, as it seems that Shep protests a bit too much about not caring about Austen and Chelsea, because a chat about "bro code" will take place next week. Also next week, is perhaps the most awkward conversation ever on Southern Charm, as Thomas Ravenel seeks advice from Whitney, because Ravenel's mojo is lost. Once upon a time, according to Thomas, just walking into a bar in the right pants (obviously not the white ones) was a game-changer, and everyone in the place would swoon.

But in a tie for awkward Southern Charm moments would have to be when only child Whitney tried to hold poor Saint, who realized he was in the arms of an amateur.

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