Lisa Eatmon, Roscoe Glinton: The 'Other' Laci Peterson -- Pregnant Mom's Body Found Floating In Hudson River

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Lisa Eatmon's dead body was found floating in the Hudson River 12 years ago. She was eight-months pregnant at the time. Those details alone are an eerie reminder of the Laci Peterson case. Laci was killed and thrown into the San Francisco Bay by her husband, Scott Peterson, in 2002. Lisa Eatmon could easily be called the "other" Laci Peterson. But there was one striking difference: Laci was white; Lisa Eatmon was black.

Sadly, you probably haven't heard of Lisa's case because it failed to make as many headlines as Laci Peterson. However, there were several things the expectant mothers had in common. Laci and Lisa were both eight-months pregnant, and they were both looking forward to bouncing their new bundles of joy. And there was one more disturbing similarity, they were both involved with coldblooded killers, who ended up brutally murdering them and their unborn babies.

Unlike Laci Peterson, Lisa Denise Speight Eatmon's story hasn't been featured on any crime documentary shows. And there are no true-crime books about her. But her story is just as compelling and equally sad.

April 3, 2005: There Is A Body In The Hudson River

Thirty-three-year-old Lisa Eatmon disappeared in April, 2005. Her body was finally discovered the next morning by crewmen who were preparing to sail out during a breakfast cruise.

The body was still warm to the touch. Detectives were horrified when they saw that the woman was pregnant. The floating corpse, which was clothed in black pajamas, was transported for autopsy.

Detectives first believed that Lisa Eatmon's death was a possible suicide. However, the pregnant woman's 12-year-old daughter told police that her mother was happy about the baby and wouldn't take her own life. She was last seen by her daughter between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. that Sunday morning.

Coroners later confirmed that Eatmon had a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Police quickly zeroed in on the father of Lisa's unborn baby, Roscoe Glinton, a 42-year-old sanitation worker, according to New York City police detectives.

Roscoe was originally from the Bahamas, and the former island lover, who appeared to be mixed with black and white, had a lot to lose by staying involved with Eatmon. Court records show that Roscoe Glinton, a ladies man, was married with children, a detail that Lisa later discovered.

From The Baby Shower To The Grave

By all accounts, Roscoe wanted nothing to do with Lisa Eatmon or the baby. Lisa Eatmon accepted that he didn't want to be in the baby's life and was prepared to raise her new son all alone. However, she was entitled to child support, something that ended up costing the loving mother her life. Authorities say that Roscoe Glinton wanted Eatmon dead to avoid paying child support payments, which would have totaled more than $100 a month.

When police questioned him, they say Roscoe Glinton cried like a baby as he pretended to be distraught upon hearing that the almost full-term baby inside of Lisa had also died.

The investigation revealed that the body was most likely thrown from a pier at the sanitation site, where Roscoe Glinton worked as a garbage driver.

Prosecutors say Roscoe Glinton first made sure that the nightwatchman, a known drunk, was intoxicated for his shift at the sanitation department, that fateful night. Then, he somehow lured Lisa Eatmon out of her apartment in Brooklyn and took her to his job site. Once they were at the site, Glinton shot Lisa Eatmon in the back of the head and threw her body from the pier.

An Almost-Perfect Murder

Roscoe thought that he had gotten away with murder. And he almost did. However, several things led to his undoing.

"His wife was making phone calls to him. At the time, he said that he was in one part of town, but his cell phone, even though he wasn't answering it, was pinging off the tower. And it pinpointed him, near where Lisa's house was."
"Lisa wanted to come but my dad told her that he didn't want her on the road because she was so far into her pregnancy. That ate him up because of his decision to tell her not to come. He felt that he was probably at fault for her death. Unfortunately, five months after she passed away, he also passed away. Lisa was the baby girl."

But there is one more twisted detail in this case, Roscoe Glinton's first wife, Deborah Glinton, went missing in Newburgh, New York, in 1998. Her skeletal remains were found in the woods in 2001. Police say Roscoe was also a suspect in that case. However, with no evidence to tie him to it, the cold case remains unsolved.

Today, Roscoe Glinton is serving time at Greenhaven Correctional Facility in New York. As for Lisa Eatmon's daughter, Marsielle, it's been tough for her growing up without her mother. She is now 24-years-old.

Darlene Lassiter Jabir told Inquisitr that she misses her sister, Lisa, very much. She states that she'll never forget her laugh, her dimples, and her "infectious smile."

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