WWE Rumors: WWE Working On A Deal With TNA Impact Wrestling To Allow Matt Hardy To Use His ‘Broken’ Gimmick

One of the true WrestleMania moments at this year’s big event was the return of the Hardy Boyz and watching them win the Raw Tag Team Championship, but something was still missing. While Matt Hardy showed a couple of signs and mannerisms of the “Broken” gimmick he used in TNA Impact Wrestling, he couldn’t do it in full force. Well, rumor has it that WWE is actually working with TNA to figure out a deal that will allow the Broken Hardys to exist again.

When an agreement could not be worked out between the Hardy Boyz and TNA, the brothers decided to leave and do their own thing. A month later, they showed up at WrestleMania 33 in a triumphant return to WWE, but things were a little bit different.

For the month leading up to their WWE return, the Hardys had been in a brutal legal battle with Impact Wrestling over the rights to their “Broken” gimmick. Matt said he was the rightful owner of it while TNA insisted that it belonged to them and that the Hardys would have to pay them if they used it anywhere else.

From that point, Jeff has reverted back to his old Team Extreme clothing and gimmick. Matt Hardy, on the other hand, has flip-flopped between Team Extreme, Mattitude, Version 1, and a few slight nods to his “Broken” persona without ever going full out.

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Well, that may be all about to change.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., is reporting that WWE is definitely planning on allowing Matt Hardy to do his Broken gimmick. As a matter of fact, the company is in negotiations with Impact Wrestling regarding an agreement that will free it up.

“The plan is to do the BROKEN character, and they’re doing this right now. The delay is that they’ve gotta work out the deal, and the deal is not worked out.”

The fact that WWE is negotiating with TNA over this gimmick is exactly why Matt Hardy has been dropping hints on television as well as on social media as to his BROKEN gimmick. It is not known what kind of agreement could end up being made, but the point is to get the character free for him to use in WWE.

Meltzer says that WWE just wants to have the freedom to let the Hardys steer back into the characters that brought them so much attention for the last year. He isn’t sure what the discussions are exactly but knows that talks are ongoing.

“Whatever deal they make. Whether it’s a percentage deal, or a buyout of the rights. Whatever deal they make.

“If it (Broken gimmick) never happens, that means they never made the deal.”

Fans want this to happen. The Hardys want this to happen. There has not been a single appearance by the Hardy Boyz since their return to WWE that the fans have not chanted “DELETE” over and over again in hopes of having it become a reality.

Chances are that Matt’s simple mannerisms, random quotes, and hand motions have not been enough for TNA and Anthem Entertainment to demand payment for copyright infringement. Still, he’s keeping the character alive and wants to use it, and now, it seems as if WWE wants the same.

The fans loved seeing the return of the Hardy Boyz to WWE, but a lot of people have said that some of the excitement has worn off since WrestleMania 33. One of the biggest problems is that Matt and Jeff are not performing in their “Broken” gimmick and TNA’s stranglehold on it has really halted their momentum. If WWE can strike a deal with Impact Wrestling to free the gimmick, look for the brothers to become exquisite.

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