‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Loses Two Jobs Due To Impending Sentencing

Things aren’t going too well for Abby Lee Miller lately. The former star of Dance Moms recently quit the show in a rage via an Instagram post, citing issues with the producers and overall misogyny. She felt she wasn’t being portrayed in a positive light and that she did not have the control she wanted over the dances and her students.

Some have speculated that Abby Lee Miller quit the show over her impending sentencing for fraud. Abby Lee Miller has pleaded guilty to hiding nearly $800,000 of her Dance Moms earnings and may face up to two years in prison. Although most speculate that she will, instead, be given parole, Abby did reveal that she was scared for her physical safety should she have to spend time behind bars.


Although her sentencing is due to take place on May 8, she is already losing jobs due to the impending hearing. Since having quit Dance Moms, it is unclear what Abby Lee Miller is doing in order to make ends meet, but one of them was clearly doing meet and greets where fans paid a pretty penny to hear her speak.

Abby Lee Miller was set to dish the gossip to fans paying $65 a ticket in Brooklyn and New Jersey this Easter weekend, but due to her impending sentencing, the judge quashed her ability to travel, forcing Miller to cancel the event due to “uncontrollable circumstances.”

The event promised all of the dirt for those willing to shell out $65 to see the former dance coach spill her tea.

“Want to find out why she really left the production company after 7 seasons, 6 years, and over 500 routines? Then don’t miss this exciting Q&A with the Dance Instructor known world-wide from Lifetime Television’s smash hit,” it read.

Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti responded to Abby Lee Miller’s request to travel out of state to attend her appearances.

“For the court to consider the Motion to Travel, the court would require a hearing. Due to the late filing of the motion, there is insufficient time for the court to hold a hearing. The motion is DENIED,” the papers read.

Rumors that Abby Lee Miller might be returning to Dance Moms swirled after she posted a photo of former student Kendall Vertes to her Instagram. There has been no word on whether she obtained permission from Kendall to use the photo or why exactly she posted it. When Abby Lee Miller originally stormed off the set of Dance Moms, some speculated it was for attention and that she would return at any time.

Abby Lee Miller has not responded to the allegations that she may be returning to the TV show.


Instead, since Abby Lee Miller quit, she’s been scheduling appearances to trash-talk the show and says she’s shopping a scripted television series with some of the Mini Team. It is unclear if by Mini Team, she means the children left on the show after she cut some last season, or the entire original Mini Team that she started with. The show, she says, will be about dance with supernatural elements.

Since Abby Lee Miller exited Dance Moms, the girls of the ALDC Elite Team have made their way to a different studio. They have joined former teammate Chloe Lukasiak where they are dancing under the mentorship of Dancing with the Stars‘ Cheryl Burke. So far, the girls have issued rave reviews about their new coach and seem genuinely pleased about working with her and being reunited with their old pal.

So what’s next for Abby Lee Miller now that her dirt-dishing tour has ground to a halt? It is definitely difficult to say how she will continue to make a living without Dance Moms.

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