WWE News: Watch Nia Jax Nearly Injure Charlotte Flair Not Once, But Twice, In Their ‘WWE RAW’ Match

It is well known that Nia Jax has issues when it comes to in-ring work, but it seems that she may have forgotten WWE was scripted when she almost seriously injured Charlotte Flair twice on WWE RAW on Monday. For about a year now, WWE fans have been watching Nia Jax struggle to put together an offense and match itself together. Usually, the person she works with is relatively good and can guide her through, but Nia may be running into an issue.

Charlotte Flair is a four-time Women’s Champion in the WWE, three of them being just WWE RAW Titles. She has led the division since it began and had amazing matches for some time now in the WWE. She truly is one of the best in the world and is certainly WWE’s top girl right now, despite any affiliation she has as a heel or babyface. That said, protecting someone in the ring is always good, but Charlotte is someone that you have to especially be careful about protecting due to her role in WWE right now.

Nia Jax apparently did not get that memo, as it may have gone over her head that WWE is about entertainers putting on a scripted match with an outcome already determined and choreography often done on partially planned and improvisational material for matches. This is well known and not hidden by WWE as they have come out as “scripted” for over two decades now. Everyone knows the goal is to work a match with someone to entertain and not to injure your opponent.

Nia and Charlotte
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Obviously, injuries happen in the WWE, as this is “not ballet,” the experts say. However, a lot of them can be prevented when your opponent protects you. WWE talent is often very good at doing this, a they are professionals all trained to know how to do everything needed to work well in the company. Some, however, are not taught long enough before coming up to the main roster. WWE fans saw Nia Jax as a unique individual who had everything one needed to be a big star in WWE. She came from the Samoan Dynasty of performers and had a size that could not be ignored.

It made her different, and with a linage that is like royalty in pro-wrestling, she was going to get chances. However, WWE pulled her into NXT before she was ready and she sucked on the brand. It was then shocking to fans when she was called up to the main roster as she was certainly not ready. Despite this, WWE pushed for that too fast, and she was brought in early. It seemed that WWE saw the problem and kept Nia away from the top of the division despite her ability to be a monster heel in it for a long time.

Finally, WWE decided to pull the trigger on her run there, and it has been a bit difficult to watch. However, her match with Charlotte Flair on WWE RAW this past Monday may have been the worse thing we have seen from Jax since she arrived in the WWE. In this match, she almost injured Charlotte not once, but twice in their match. You will see both spots in the video below. The first was on a routine shoulder breaker where the idea is to hit the shoulder on the knee of Jax an then throw Charlotte to her back. Instead, Jax just threw Charlotte on her head. You know, for kicks.

The second one came on Flair’s patented outside the ring moonsault. She has done this numerous times with Sasha Banks and Bayley alone catching her on several occasions to show how it was done. Charlotte normally jumps and hits her body on her opponent’s. She’ll normally hit her abs on their shoulder in the catch and land on her feet as they go backward. It is the best way to take this move for both the person doing it and the opponent to avoid injury. Jax did not seem to know that.

Charlotte did the moonsault, and Jax was out of position to do the catch and Flair ended up having her legs hit Nia, causing Charlotte to fall forward an alarming speed where she would land hard. Due to Charlotte being a pro, she landed on her forearms to kind of take the brunt of the blow. However, she could have hit her chest much harder or her head. Flair would end up busting up her elbow due to this, as most could tell by the end of the match as blood was flowing.

This proved to many that Nia Jax still needs training and that she does not belong in a ring with WWE women if she cannot learn how to do simple things like being in position to catch someone and not drop people on their heads. These are two very basic things learned for WWE Superstars as they train to become wrestlers at the WWE Performance Center. It is not as if Jax is not taught how to do these things. She was like the rest. It is that she is simply unable to do it or does not care. Either way, Charlotte Flair could have been seriously injured by Jax twice in one match.

Charlotte moonsault on Nia
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The good thing for Charlotte is that it appears she will be heading to WWE SmackDown Live in the WWE Superstar Shake-Up that is expected to continue on the blue brand’s show tonight. If she goes there, she will at least work with women more than likely can hold their own in the ring. There are very few green workers on the brand, and all of them are actually smaller than Charlotte, so it is likely the power moves will be a minimum for Flair to take.

While WWE is known for sometimes using someone that is not good in the ring, such as Roman Reigns, you don’t see a lot of times in which guys like Reigns hurt who they work with. You don’t see many occasions in which someone like Roman almost does this either. It is also not the first time Nia has done this, as she has came close to hurting Bayley and Sasha Banks both in the past. However, WWE may get a wake-up call after the latest incident involving their top female in the company, Charlotte Flair.

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