Couple Dies, Son Missing After Attempt To Save Dog From Drowning

A California couple has died and their 16-year-old son is missing in the waters off Eureka after the family dog, chasing a stick, was pulled into the sea by ten foot waves.

The California couple who died trying to save the dog has not yet publicly been identified nor has their 16-year-old child. The family was at a beach just north of Eureka called Big Lagoon at the time of the tragedy, and local State Parks and Recreation district superintendent described to the press how the situation quickly escalated.

Jones explains that the boy attempted to save the dog, and, in turn, his father came after him. When the dad failed to return, his son — who had emerged from the surf safely — returned with his mother and both went in after the man.

After all three family members went in after the dog, the couple’s daughter called for help rather than enter the waters that had claimed her parents and brother.

A news source explains that search efforts were impeded by terrain, and, when officials arrived on the scene, the couple who had try to save the dog had both perished and their son was missing:

“Jones said a park ranger had to run a half mile to get to the beach because his car wasn’t made to handle the terrain. When he arrived, he wasn’t able to get to them because of the high surf, she said.”

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After the bodies of the couple were retrieved by rescuers, the Coast Guard went out with a helicopter and two motor life boats in search of the missing team but eventually called the search off due to heavy coastal fog.

The dog managed to make it out of the ocean alive without assistance.