'Billy The Exterminator': Billy Bretherton Returns With New Season On A&E After A Nearly Five-Year Hiatus

Inquisitr Staff

Billy the Exterminator with Billy Bretherton returns to A&E tonight with a brand new season after a nearly five-year hiatus. The last season of Billy the Exterminator aired in the U.S. on the A&E network back in 2012. CMT Canada then picked up expert exterminator Billy Bretherton for a new show, Billy Goes North, that premiered in September 2016. A&E is airing Billy Goes North as a new season of Billy the Exterminator tonight, much to the delight of U.S. fans who have wondered for the last five years what really happened to Billy Bretherton.

Fans fell in love with Billy Bretherton in The Exterminators back in 2009, with the series premiere on A&E. The Exterminators became such a hit that A&E renewed the reality TV series with a new name for five more full seasons. According to Zap2it March 2010, the second season, titled Billy the Exterminator, had a record-breaking season debut for A&E, adding that the season premiere garnered over two million viewers, which was 50 percent more viewers than the entire Season 1 average.

After finding synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia, the couple was arrested on warrants and fined $500 with community service. Shortly after that, Billy Bretherton left the family extermination business in Benton, Louisiana (Vexcon Animal and Pest Control) that was featured in Billy the Exterminator, officially ending the series run on A&E. Diply shared that after a "successful six-season run," Billy and his gang on Billy the Exterminator "seemingly vanished into thin air," adding that viewers were told the series was canceled but weren't given a reason why.

As a proprietor of Vexcon, fans were shocked to hear that Billy Bretherton left the family business and moved to Illinois in 2012, citing family issues. Ricky Bretherton, Billy's brother, picked up where Billy the Exterminator left off, with a YouTube series in 2015, titled Vexcon the Exterminators, saying "the exterminators are back." The YouTube series was short-lived, with only 16 episodes and less than 1,000 subscribers, but CMT Canada decided to pick fan-favorite Billy Bretherton back up last year for a new series called Billy Goes North.

Corus Entertainment summarizes Billy Goes North as "the adventures of Billy Bretherton (Billy the Exterminator) as he goes deep into the Canadian wild. In his new surroundings, Billy tackles bigger, badder pests, crazy, out-of-control critters, and gnarly animals that other exterminators can't (or won't) handle alone."

Fans of Billy the Exterminator are saying, "Finally!," "Yay!," and "Glad to see Billy back."

The fanbase for Billy the Exterminator grew over six seasons, mainly because Billy Bretherton, who's now in his late 40s, prefers to capture and relocate animals -- using a "hands-on approach" -- as a preferred method of pest control.

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