Trump Voters Shocked At Social Service Cuts For Wall Will Vote ‘Trump 2020’

People who voted for President Donald Trump are expressing their “Trumpgrets,” as reported by the Inquisitr, in the wake of Mr. Trump’s pricey trips to Mar-a-Lago and certain failed campaign promises. However, some of those Trump voters are displaying their displeasure for President Trump’s policies, all the while saying they will still vote for Mr. Trump in 2020.

As reported by the New York Times, a visit to Tulsa, Oklahoma, brought a shocking surprise from Trump voters who say they will still vote for President Trump’s re-election, despite the cuts in social programs that could personally have a negative impact on their lives. Similar to the 56-year-old Linda Preast who was featured in the below CBS News video expressing her shock at the fact that her Meals on Wheels could be in jeopardy, the Trump voters in Tulsa also expressed shock at other programs that could be cut at the expense of paying for a border wall that Mr. Trump promised had costs that would be taken care of by Mexico.

“Yeah. Because he was told ― I was under the influence that he was going to help us. What if it was your momma?”

In Oklahoma, the 70-year-old Judy Banks said Trump got her vote because of his immigration policy talk.

“He was talking about getting rid of those illegals.”

However, now that Judy has learned that proposed cuts could mean less money for the Labor Department’s Senior Community Service Employment Program, which pays senior citizens like Banks minimum wage to hold jobs, Judy thinks Mr. Trump’s eyeing those funds doesn’t make sense. Banks works as a receptionist through the job that she counts on to make money and have a social life.

“If I lose this job. I’ll sit home and die.”

In Oklahoma, staunch Trump supporters who are learning that President Trump is considering cutting federal government programs in order to pay for Trump’s border wall and to add more for military spending is making some of those Trump supporters upset, but not yet upset enough to say they’ll vote for someone else come 2020.

“Why is building a wall more important than educating people?”

That was the question asked by Billy Hinkle, a man who voted for Trump who also benefits from the Tulsa WorkAdvance program. It’s a program that provides job training to folks out of work, so they can score better-paying manufacturing jobs. However, the program is in Trump’s crosshairs, according to the Washington Post. Tarzan Vince is in the program and is a Trump supporter, with Vince asking why President Trump isn’t practicing what he preaches.

“If he’s preaching jobs, why take away jobs?

Thirty-five-year-old Ezekiel Moreno, a military vet who once served in the Navy, got a big boost from the Tulsa WorkAdvance program. Ezekiel was able to get out of his “dead-end job” stocking groceries two years ago after being accepted in WorkAdvance. As a result, Moreno scored a job at M&M Manufacturing that paid well enough for the new income to benefit his whole family.

“We’ve moved out of an apartment and into a house. My daughter is taking violin lessons, and my other daughter has a math tutor.”

Moreno voted for Trump, along with his boss, Rocky Payton, and the HR manager, Amy Saum. All three Trump voters didn’t understand why President Trump would want to take monies away from beneficial programs, and Moreno noted that the monies could come from elsewhere.


“There’s a lot of wasteful spending, so cut other places.”

Rhonda McCracken voted for President Trump but is upset that the Tulsa Domestic Violence Intervention Services she used to help her and her son escape an ex who beat her and choked her nearly to death might be in trouble under Trump’s budget cuts. The thought of it brought her to tears, according to the New York Times.

“They saved my life, and my son’s. My prayer is that Congress will step in.”

Twenty-seven-year-old Elizabeth Hays also benefitted from Domestic Violence Intervention Services after being raped as a freshman in high school by four upperclassmen. Although the program helped Hays during a critical point in her life to move on from the rape and learn that it wasn’t her fault, Elizabeth still stands behind President Trump.

“We have to look at what we spend money on. I will stand behind my president.”

Turns out red states who likely went for President Trump, as reported by Wallet Hub, usually get more federal government benefits than blue states. So the very people who voted for Mr. Trump might be the ones most hurt by Trump’s cuts in funding for the services they use. Perhaps it’s due to myths like “Obama phones,” given to low-income Americans that helps create the lore. According to, the so-called “Obama phones” aren’t paid for by taxpayers, and came before President Barack Obama.

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