WWE Rumors: Finn Balor Turning Heel, Reforming ‘The Club’ At ‘WrestleMania 33’

The WWE Universe continues to speculate and has been assuming that Finn Balor would get involved in the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H at WrestleMania 33, but there is another rumor going around that WWE has something different planned for him. Finn Balor has been cleared to return to WWE television for a few weeks now, but WWE officials have been delaying his WWE return and kept him on WWE live events.

It was reported that the reason why Balor was kept off WWE programming is because there wasn’t a spot for him on the WrestleMania card unless WWE officials wanted to force him into a feud with little time to build it for the grandest stage of them all. An impromptu match with Samoa Joe seemed like the only way to have him wrestle on the show, but that doesn’t mean WWE isn’t planning a huge return for him at WrestleMania.

There have been some reports about Finn Balor interfering in the non-sanctioned match between Triple H and Seth Rollins. Samoa Joe is expected to interfere on HHH’s behalf, so it would make sense for Finn Balor to be the one to defend Rollins despite their unresolved issues. That could be what WWE is planning for his return, but there is another match that Balor could be interfering in that would have a big impact on WWE.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to Retain Raw Tag Team Titles
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At WrestleMania 33, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows will defend the Raw Tag Team Titles against Cesaro and Sheamus, and Enzo Amore and Big Cass. It was reported earlier this week that the Triple Threat match would also be a Ladder match. There will be a lot of elements in the match, but the WWE Universe is expecting a title change. It seems like a great chance for Enzo and Cass to win the Tag Team Titles for the first time.

It’s now being rumored that Finn Balor could interfere in the match on behalf of Anderson and Gallows, which lead to them retaining the Raw Tag Team Championship. More importantly, Balor aligning with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows would most likely be a heel turn for him. If WWE officials go this route with his return to WWE programming, the WWE Universe would see Balor reform “The Club” at WrestleMania 33.

Since many WWE fans think that Finn Balor’s return will happen during the Rollins vs. HHH match, WWE officials could pull a major swerve by having Finn return to a huge ovation from the Orlando crowd only to turn heel and reform “The Club” for WWE. It’s a twist that the WWE Universe would never see coming.

Finn Balor is Returning to WWE in Early March
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It’s also been reported that WWE officials are looking to make some huge changes to Finn Balor’s look upon his return to television. The assumption was they wanted to boost his merchandise and his marketability to continue his run as a babyface, but any major changes to his look could be for a new heel character instead.

The WWE Universe will be thrilled for Finn Balor to make his return to WWE, especially if it happens on the grandest stage of them all. The smart booking is the shock factor because so few people would believe Balor would return to WWE only to turn heel immediately. The idea is very interesting, especially if Finn will lead “The Club” on Raw after WrestleMania and into the summer. In many ways, it’s a great idea for his return.

WWE would be holding off his babyface run for some time, but that would keep Balor from returning as if seven months hadn’t passed by in his absence. Anderson and Gallows would also retain the Tag Team Titles and get a huge boost as well by associating with Balor. The history between the three of them is well known at this point. It’s a creative idea, but WWE fans need to wait and see if WWE officials will pull the trigger.

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