Finn Balor’s ‘WrestleMania 33’ Role Revealed, To Be Part Of HHH vs Seth Rollins

Finn Balor is not scheduled for a match at WrestleMania 33, but there is some news regarding his plans for the grandest stage of them all with only a few days left to speculate. He’s been medically cleared to compete for a few weeks now, but the timing is the issue because WWE would have forced him into a feud too fast, which could have killed his momentum after his recovery and finally returning to WWE programming.

WWE officials have Balor on their mind because he was their backup plan for two different matches heading into WrestleMania. There were some plans for him to face The Undertaker instead of Roman Reigns, which the fans would have been happy to see. Elsewhere, Balor was next in line to face Triple H in Orlando if Seth Rollins had to bow out of the feud. However, Finn will be a healthy scratch on the grandest stage of them all.

As of this writing, Samoa Joe is another performer without a match in Orlando. There was a rumor recently that claimed Balor vs. Joe could happen at WrestleMania, but there have been no signs that match will be on the card. However, Seth Rollins vs. Triple H will be a non-sanctioned match, which means Joe is expected to get involved. Based on that assumption, WWE officials could have big plans for Finn Balor’s return on Sunday.

Seth Rollins vs Triple H Will Be Unsanctioned
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It’s being reported that the reason why WWE officials have kept Finn Balor off the card for WrestleMania is not to force him into a feud, but also because they have a massive return planned for him in Orlando. Balor’s return will be one of the biggest moments of the night and his first WrestleMania moment. The belief is that Finn will be making his return during the match between HHH and Rollins as the equalizer to Samoa Joe.

It isn’t revealed what WWE’s specific plans are for Balor’s appearance during the match. Seth Rollins could announce him before the match begins or Finn could even the odds if Joe and HHH are beating Seth down, but the rumor heading into WrestleMania is for his return to happen during the match. On paper, Finn may still have some beef with Rollins after WWE SummerSlam, but that’s something that can be forgotten.

After WrestleMania, Balor should have a lot of momentum heading into his return to WWE television. His next feud hasn’t been revealed yet, but his return on the grandest stage of them all could start a new rivalry with Samoa Joe, Triple H, or someone else if WWE officials want to go in another direction. For instance, it’s been rumored that Balor will be challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Title after WrestleMania.

Finn Balor May Not Return to WWE Television Until After Wrestlemania
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It’s also been reported that WWE officials are planning some major changes to Balor’s look upon his return to WWE television. “The Demon” and Finn’s body paint isn’t expected to change dramatically. There may be a new design, but WWE wants to change his look when he isn’t wearing the paint. WWE officials are looking to improve on his marketability and merchandise sales to push him as a top guy once he returns to WWE.

Apparently, one of the big ideas is for him to wear a mask and some other attire during his entrances every week on Raw, which will push the WWE Universe to buy a lot more merchandise. The plan is to capitalize on Finn Balor’s return because he may not have a match on the card for Sunday, but the WWE Universe will be talking about Finn Balor after WrestleMania 33 is in WWE history books. In the long run, Finn’s absence could be the best thing for him. The important thing is we’ll be talking about him by this time next week.

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