Adam Levine Reportedly Only Wants To Do One Season Of ‘The Voice’ Per Year

Adam Levine might be cutting his time on The Voice in half amid reports that Levine allegedly only wants to appear on one season a year going forward.

According to reports, amid a whole lot of speculation of Levine’s future with The Voice over the past few months, sources are claiming that Adam supposedly only wants to appear on one season as opposed to the two seasons per year he’s been doing alongside fellow long-time coach Blake Shelton since the NBC show began back in 2011.

That’s according to a new report by TMZ, who’s reporting that Levine has allegedly made it clear to producers that he only wants to do one season annually amid reports that both NBC and Fox are supposedly in a bidding war to bring back American Idol.

The site claimed both networks allegedly want to bring American Idol back to life after it left the airwaves last year and revealed that NBC are allegedly hoping the show could replace one yearly cycle of The Voice, which means both shows would air one season a year, something Adam is likely championing.

“We’re told Adam only wants to do one cycle a year,” the site added of Levine’s supposed leaving plans, which could come to fruition without Levine having to be absent from The Voice should NBC win the rights to American Idol.

Adam Levine Leaving 'The Voice' - Reportedly Only Wants To Do 1 Season Per Year
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However, should NBC not win the rights to American Idol, it’s thought Levine might be absent from the coaching panel for one cycle a year.

Reports alleging Adam might be ready to leave and cut down his current two-season-per-year run on The Voice come shortly after Levine claimed he actually would not be willing to sit out a season, which could suggest the Maroon 5 frontman has either had a sudden change of heart about his future on The Voice or potentially had some inside information regarding American Idol possibly taking a season away from it’s formerly rival talent search.

“I will tell you this much: I will never take a season off,” Adam said when asked by Yahoo Music about quitting The Voice just last month, potentially hinting at quitting or rumors The Voice may soon be cut down to one season a year.

“If I take a season off, it will be for every season thereafter, in perpetuity, for the rest of my life,” Adam added.

Adam Levine then went on to call quitting The Voice “inevitable” during the interview. Levine also revealed that the only people he would like to see replace him are Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars.

“Inevitably, when that day [when I quit] comes — unless I’m on the show until it’s done, who knows? — I would entrust my position with very few people,” Levine said at the time of quitting prior to reports claiming Adam might be ready to cut his time on The Voice in half.

Adam also went on to discuss the quitting rumors during a chat with On Air with Ryan Seacrest in February, where he played pretty coy with the American Idol host when asked if rumors he might be ready to quit the show were true.

Adam Levine allegedly wants to quit 1 season of 'The Voice' a year
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“I don’t know what I’m supposed to say,” Adam told Ryan when asked if he will be leaving The Voice anytime soon.

Levine did not give Seacrest a definitive yes or no answer amid the quitting rumors, but Adam did coyly say at the time, “At the end of the day, I’m pretty sure that’s all nonsense.”

It was first reported by Radar Online last year that Levine could be thinking about quitting The Voice. The site stated back in November that both Adam and Blake Shelton allegedly “feel that they have run their course as judges” and may be leaving after appearing on all 12 seasons of the NBC show.

The source then went on to add that the veteran coaches were supposedly “highly considering” leaving The Voice or at least taking alternate seasons off before reporting that Levine allegedly wasn’t too keen on returning for Season 13 because of Miley Cyrus’s already announced return.

“Adam does not really want to return if they bring Miley back,” an insider alleged of Adam amid the quitting allegations, claiming that Levine “really cannot stand Miley” and supposedly thinks the singer “is the most obnoxious person ever.”

Adam has not yet confirmed if he will appear on a second season of The Voice in 2017.

What do you think of reports claiming Adam Levine may be ready to quit his two-season-a-year run as a coach on The Voice?

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