‘Disappeared’: Lynn Messer Baptist Mom Found Dead On Missouri Farm, Story On ID

The Lynn Messer death story will air on the new season of Disappeared, the hit show on Investigation Discovery. Lynn Messer vanished from the bedroom of her home late at night three years ago. The missing Baptist mother, who lived on the farm with her husband, Kerry Messer, was found dead two years later on the edge of her property. On ID’s Disappeared episode titled “American Gothic,” Missouri law enforcement detectives will recount the story, along with family and friends. Husband Kerry Messer will not appear on the show, the Daily Journal Online reported.

Disappeared On ID: Lynn Messer, Baptist Mother Missing From Home

Fifty-two-year-old Lynn Messer had spent the last night that she was seen alive on her cell phone and on social media. But after midnight in July 2014, no one ever heard from her again. Her husband Kerry Messer told investigators that he woke up during the thunderstorm to find that his wife was not in bed with him. Curious, he got up and looked around the house for her. He eventually found her keys, cell phone, and a boot for her broken toe. With Lynne’s hip pain and these items still in the house, Messer couldn’t have imagined that she had gone far.

But the truth was more grim. According to Kerry Messer, he looked outside and searched the grounds to see if she had wandered outside during the night. When he was unable to locate her, Lynn Messer’s husband called the police.

When police arrived at the property near Route DD and Dry Fork Road, there was still no sign of Lynn Messer, and it didn’t appear that a struggle had taken place. A search ensued and cadaver dogs were brought in to search the grounds. There was no evidence that Lynn was on the property. A cryptic letter, which appeared to be a suicide note, was found and turned over to police.

Family Falls Apart: Was There A Lover?

Kerry and Lynn Messer seemed to have a good relationship from the outside looking in. Both devout Baptists, and Kerry a pro-family lobbyist for the Missouri Baptist Convention, made them seem like the perfect church-going couple. But according to Lynn Messer’s son, Abram Messer, it may have all been just a facade.

Abram told the Missouri Times that just weeks before his mom vanished, she might have learned that her husband was involved with another woman. Abram Messer stated the following.

“He started telling people about this friendship with Spring Thomas. He admitted to the pastor that he had written a fake suicide note. No one is naive enough to believe this was a new relationship. I don’t know how my father could say that they were just friends. It was way more than a friendship. Besides, I don’t know what kind of friends you need to take Viagra or Cialis to visit. While we were trying to figure out when this relationship could have started, we realized we had been taking cattle up to her farm for years. I was never comfortable with the way my father acted around her. She acted like a boyhood crush had visited. Then we figured out why there was this sudden rush of stress.”We know that my mother went to visit Spring two weeks before she went missing. We don’t know what happened because Spring will not cooperate with law enforcement. [Lynn] asked one of her friends to pray for her and she went to visit Spring.”

Now, family members wonder if there is something more to the story that could answer the question of what really happened to Lynn Messer. Her skeletal remains were found on the farm’s property in November 2016. How could the police and the cadaver dogs have missed that?

Disappeared’s coverage should be able to fill in most of the gaps. According to Missouri Times, Lynn Messer’s son, Abram, has asked for Kerry Messer to tell the truth about what happened to his mother.

  • Kerry Messer has often taken to Facebook to profess his love for his wife, who he called “Ma.”
  • Kerry Messer’s granddaughters were the ones who stumbled upon Lynn Messer’s remains.
  • Her disappearance case captured the attention of news media outlets all over the U.S.
  • More photos can be found at the Find Lynn Messer Facebook page.

Disappeared, which first aired on Investigation Discovery in 2010, examines the events leading up to some of the most disturbing and mysterious disappearance cases in America. Some literally vanish without a trace. The show typically ends without the missing person being found.

Learn more about Lynn Messer’s disappearance and death on Disappeared this Sunday, March 26, at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.

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