‘Fat Duck’ Chefs Die: Two Cooks From Famed British Restaurant Killed In Hong Kong Car Crash [Video]

fat-duck-chefs-die-hong kong car crash 2012 video

The culinary world is in mourning today after news emerged that two chefs working for Heston Blumenthal’s Michelin famous three-star restaurant, The Fat Duck, died in a car crash in Hong Kong earlier this week.

According to CNN, the chefs, identified as Briton Ivan Aranto Herrera Jorge, 34, and Swede Carl Magnus Lindgren, 30, died when their taxi was crushed between two double-decker buses during a promotional tour.

The cab’s driver, Wong Kim-chung, 53, was also killed in in the collision.

The Daily Mail reports the accident happened on Monday after the driver of the bus apparently fell unconscious for ten seconds and careered down a hill before hitting two cars, the taxi, and another bus.

In addition to the three deaths, 56 people were injured, including the driver of the other bus, a baby, and a 90-year old, according to police reports.

Following news of Lindgren and Herrera Jorge’s death, some of the world’s top cooks and restaurants took to Twitter and Facebook to express their condolences to the Fat Duck family.

Mugaritz restaurant in Spain, rated third best restaurant on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, wrote:

“We are truly sorry to hear the bad news. Our Thoughts are with Heston, the Fat Duck team and both families.”

Raymond Blanc, a self-taught culinary genius who is now one of Bratain’s most respected chefs wrote:

Carl Lindgren ivan jorge

Raw video footage of the aftermath of the bus crash that killed Fat Duck chefs Carl Lindgren and Ivan Jorge can be seen below: