Real-Life Rapunzel: Aliia Nasroya’s Hair Is 90-Inches Long

Aliia Nasroya – a 27-year-old woman from Riga, Latvia – has recently been coined the real-life Rapunzel.

According to Barcroft TV, this real-life Rapunzel has spent the last two decades of her life growing out her hair. To date, her hair is 90-inches long, and weighs 4.5-pounds. Aliia Nasroya’s Rapunzel-like hair takes up so much space that she and her husband even have to make room for her 90-inch locks of hair in their bed.

As most fans of the fairy-tale princess Rapunzel would assume, having such long and heavy hair isn’t all glamorous. In fact, this real-life Rapunzel revealed having 4.5-pound hair puts a real strain on her shoulders. She even compared it to carrying around the weight of a small animal.

“My hair is so heavy, I would compare it to the weight of my cat.”

Naturally one of many questions anyone would have for a real-life Rapunzel is simple – how does caring for her hair work? Barcroft TV notes that Aliia Nasroya and her husband have to schedule their day around caring for her hair. After being washed, it takes an entire day for her 90-inch hair to air dry. It also takes an entire hour to comb through all 90-inches of her hair. The combs, shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products this real-life Rapunzel uses to care for her hair weighs roughly 22 pounds.

Coined as the real-life Rapunzel, it isn’t too shocking to learn her extra-long hair attracts a lot of stares from those passing by. Despite all of the attention Aliia gets for her Rapunzel hair, and the extensive amount of care her hair requires, her husband, Ivan Balaban, absolutely loves her hair. He even claimed to be proud of his wife for her decision not to cut it off.

From Ivan’s point of view, his wife’s long hair is almost like having a third member of the family. Even though Ivan is forced to share their marital bed with Aliia and her hair, he doesn’t hold any malice towards it. In fact, Ivan even admitted to talking to the braids of his wife’s hair “respectfully” and occasionally asking the hair “to move a bit.”

During their interview with Barcroft TV, the couple recalled an incident where a wad of chewing gum got stuck in her hair and she was forced to cut off a chunk as a result. Ivan talked about how he takes extra care when moving around the house so he doesn’t damage or tangle his wife’s extra-long hair.

Even when Ivan and his wife Aliia go on vacation, they are forced to schedule said vacation around the haircare of his wife.

“When we are going away to somewhere we always plan the entire day for it since we understand that otherwise we will lose one day from our vacation and we will have to sit inside at home.”

Aliia Nasroya confirmed it was female characters from fairy tales such as Rapunzel that originally inspired her to want to grow her hair out in the first place. Aliia loved the thought of a woman – such as Rapunzel – growing her hair out so long than a prince could climb up her long locks and rescue her from an evil witch.

“I started to grow my hair because since childhood I liked long hair very much. And I was always attracted by long hair heroines from fairy tales.”

Given the fact that her hair is taller than she is, this real-life Rapunzel never leaves her home with her hair down and flowing. She also often finds herself accidentally stepping on her own hair at home. Unfortunately, not everyone is as supportive of Aliia Nasroya’s decision to grow her hair out so long.

“In social networks and on Instagram I often receive messages from people who don’t like the length of my hair or my hair itself, but I do not react to it. Some people write ‘cut it, sell it or get rid of it.'”

Fortunately, Nasroya and her husband do not have to spend tons of money on haircare products each month. She receives a lot of haircare products for free from various companies and she trims her hair once a month to remove split ends.

Despite having some challenges, this real-life Rapunzel doesn’t plan on chopping off her locks of hair any time soon.

“I don’t have a dream to get in Guinness Record Book since I believe the current registered record for longest hair is more than five meters, but I think I have longest hair in Latvia.”

What do you think of having hair that is 90-inches long and weighs 4.5-pounds?

[Featured Image by Sekundator/ShutterStock]