‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Teases New ‘Supernatural’ Show, Season 7B Shortened

Abby Lee Miller may have quit Dance Moms, but fans will not have to worry about missing the fierce Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) founder from the small screen at all.

The dance coach confirmed in an interview with Hollywire during the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards (KCAs) that she is working on a brand new show. While her mystery new project is still focused on her passion, which is, of course, dance, it has an added element to it that makes it very different from Dance Moms.

“I have a new show that’s scripted that’s about dance, but a little bit of supernatural in it so we’ll see.”

There is no word yet on what the new show will be called or when it will be released, but the Dance Moms star hopes it will arrive in next to no time, saying “the sooner, the better.”

While Dance Moms fans will be very excited to see Abby Lee Miller back on television again after being confirmed to leave the Lifetime series, they cannot help but think about how her court issues will affect her latest endeavors.

Miller is facing possible jail time of up to two and a half years after pleading guilty to 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud and a currency reporting violation. The reality star, who is known for her tough and mean exterior in Dance Moms, is working with her lawyers to get probation instead of prison time. She will learn her fate during her second and final sentencing on May 8.

Abby Lee Miller talks to the girls and the moms in Dance Moms Season 7

Abby Lee Miller has been traveling in the past few weeks for projects that are related to Dance Moms. She has been talking about the show to fans in Mexico and United Kingdom.

It was during these meet and greet sessions that Abby Lee let the cat out of the bag about quitting Dance Moms. Choreographers Laurie-Ann Gibson and Meagan Nugent has been filling in for her.

Miller revealed in the abovementioned interview that she has returned to Los Angeles and attended the KCAs to show some love to former Dance Moms star and ALDC member JoJo Siwa, who was recently inducted as one of the newest stars in Nickelodeon and even won the award for Favorite Viral Music Artist.

“I’m here to support JoJo because she has this big new contract on Nickelodeon.”

Miller was very happy for Siwa about her achievements outside of Dance Moms. When asked about Jojo’s outrageous choice of wardrobe at the event, she said it should not come as a surprise.

Former Dance Moms star Jojo Siwa take a selfie at the 2017 KCAs carpet

Abby Lee shared how the young dancer, who quit Dance Moms last season but continued working with the dance coach on several projects, would wear huge bows that would sometimes be “distracting” during rehearsals. In the end, these bows have become JoJo’s trademark.

It is unclear if Miller’s return in Los Angeles would make it possible for her to squeeze an appearance on the show despite quitting. She already missed three out of the five episodes filmed for Dance Moms Season 7B.

Now that she is back in town, it is hoped that Abby Lee will have time to star in the upcoming episodes especially since the second half of Dance Moms Season 7 apparently has seven episodes only.

It is indicated on the official Fierce Dance Competition website that the Dance Moms Season 7 finale will be filmed on March 26 in Upland, California. A week before that, March 18 to be specific, ALDC will compete at Devotion 2 Dance.

If there will only be seven episodes for the latter half, Dance Moms Season 7 will be one of the shortest seasons of the series as it will only have a total of 21 episodes instead of the usual 34.

It is unknown why the season has been shortened, but the cut in the number of episodes suggests Dance Moms could be in trouble. After all, there were fears that Abby Lee Miller’s exit would mean the show will be axed too. Add to that the fact that the ALDC has been struggling without her.

The girls have not been doing well in the recent competitions. At Sheer Talent held March 11, ALDC failed to earn the top award for the group performance, which comes as a shock to fans who follow Dance Moms and have seen the girls dominate the competition almost all the time.

According to Dance Moms insider Dance Mom Reacts, the cast, particularly Kira Gerard, thought that they got this one in the bag. In the end, they only landed third for their Contemporary performance for “Contagious.”

“What Kira is trying to say is basically they trust that they always get a clean sweep at Sheer Talent and today they didn’t.”

Dance Moms Season 7 is expected to be back sans Abby Lee Miller later this year on Lifetime.

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