Mick Foley On Who Should Replace Him As ‘Raw’ GM

If you watched this past Monday’s Raw, then you know that Mick Foley’s days as the red brand’s general manager are likely coming to an end soon. In fact, he might even be fired next week, which raises an interesting question: who will replace him as general manager? There are a ton of names that would be great choices, but Foley seems to like one name in particular.

Following Monday’s show, Foley was asked on his official Facebook page about the idea of having Kurt Angle, who is currently scheduled to be the headliner at the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, replace him as the general manager of Monday Night Raw, and here’s how he responded: “Kurt would be a great choice.”

Of course, Angle has already been an on-screen authority figure for WWE, as he was the general manager of SmackDown in 2004. WWE recently put up a poll where they asked their fans which former GM they would like to see return, and Angle finished in third place behind Theodore Long and Paul Heyman.

WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Will Wrestle In WWE According To Jim Ross

According to former WWE play-by-play announcer Jim Ross, Angle will have “significant television opportunities” following his Hall of Fame induction on March 31. So, that pretty much tells you that WWE is, in fact, planning on having him replace Mick Foley as the Raw general manager.

“Expect WWE to carve out significant TV opportunities for 2017 Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, including a much anticipated bout somewhere down the road. It’s too good of an opportunity to not do, and WWE certainly will not want to pass on what could be a highly productive, Kurt Angle wrestling match/storyline. I could see doing one major bout, but doing 2-3 bouts seems challenging unless the bouts are spread out to allow the story to be better told. Kurt Angle is too big a star, too talented, plus he’s healthy and motivated to do great work at this point in this career. I’ve seen Kurt in the ring recently and he’s still got, it especially if he’s not overexposed.”

For now, though, all we know is that Kurt Angle will headline this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Orlando, Florida. We don’t even know who will induct him yet, and, after listening to his recent appearance on the Live Audio Wrestling podcast, Angle doesn’t even know who will induct him. But, we do know that it’s going to be one of four people: Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, John Cena or The Undertaker, and given the fact that two of the four names (Undertaker and Lesnar) listed aren’t big talkers, he’ll likely end up being inducted by either Austin or Cena.

As for when WWE will officially name Kurt Angle as the red brand’s new general manager, well, they could, and probably will do it the night after WrestleMania 33. According to ComicBook, Angle is scheduled to appear on the Raw after WrestleMania, so it’s probably pretty safe to assume that he’ll be introduced as the new Raw GM on April 3.

kurt angle

Our Olympic Hero has said that he wants to wrestle again in WWE, but, in a recent interview with Raw commentator Corey Graves, Angle said that the Hall of Fame induction is much more important to him than wrestling again. But, with that said, he’d still like to have a match with Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, and many other current WWE superstars. He’d also like to revisit his old rivalries with John Cena, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Brock Lesnar.

Angle wrestling again all comes down to whether or not he can pass WWE’s mandatory physical exam, which he probably already took, as WWE’s head of medical, Dr. Joseph Maroon, currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is the hometown of our Olympic Hero.

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