iPad Pro 2 Release Date: Four New iPads Coming Next Week?

iPad Pro 9.7-inch displayed with iPhone SE

News of the iPad Pro 2’s release date is much-awaited as it has been over a year since Apple launched its predecessor in September 2015. Industry observers are looking forward to the new iteration of a powerful device, and according to reports, they may not have to wait longer.

The iPad Pro 2 could be revealed as soon as next week

A MacRumors report cited “reputable” supply chain analysts, who asked to be unnamed, Apple is gearing up to release new products this month. The target date is reportedly between March 20 to March 24, which is only a week from now

iPad Pro presented in an event

Why the Cupertino-based company hasn’t sent out invites yet is unknown. Apple usually invites the press weeks ahead of an event, where they officially reveal what they have been cooking up.

According to speculations, the tech giant might do away without an official event this time, but that’s highly unlikely. There are only two plausible scenarios in this case; one of which is that Apple will send an invite soon for an event only a week away or the sources were wrong, and the spring event might actually be held later in March or in April instead as what the original rumors have suggested.

As to what the company will reveal, the sources did not say. However, according to popular rumors, the iPad Pro 2 with the other refreshed iPad models will kickstart Apple’s 2017 lineup. At least three new models are expected to be unveiled.

Four new iPad models being tested in the wild

The iPad Pro displayed in three finishes

Fueling these rumors are the recent reports of new iPads having been spotted in the wild. TechCrunch states that iPad models are being tested in and out of Cupertino. Citing the mobile marketing firm Fiksu, the report says that four different versions are being tested, but that does not necessarily mean that four will come out to the public.

Fiksu got its data through its tracking and attribution SDK, which is used by numerous apps. As the iPad models were tested, they were naturally installed with apps that use the company’s SDK. The four devices are also installed with iOS 10.3 beta and some of them with the next-gen iOS 11.

All these are suggesting that Apple is indeed planning to unveil the iPad Pro 2 and other iPad models sooner than later.

What iPad models can we expect?

Previous rumors and speculations, mainly from the mostly reliable KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, pointed out that there could be three new iPad Pro models this year. Two are the next iterations of the current iPad Pro models with 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch displays. The other is said to have a 10.5-inch display, which is new if true.

iPad Mini 3 alongside the iPad Air 2

However, with Fiksu’s report, it can be speculated that four could be introduced soon. The fourth one could be a 7.9-inch iPad Pro, which will be the successor to the iPad Mini 4. The latest model was revealed alongside the original iPad Pro, so a new one with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support is due.

While all these are rumors for now, the iPad Pro 2 and its cousins are expected to sport a sleeker design and the new True Tone display from the current 9.7-inch iPad. Talks of the removal of the home button are also widespread, but it is only believed to be implemented on the 10.5-inch variant.

As March 20 to March 24 are only days away, fans are advised to watch out for Apple’s plans next week. If reports are true, four new iPad models, which potentially includes the iPad Pro 2 and iPad Mini 5, could be introduced soon. If not, well, the other rumored dates are only weeks away.

[Featured Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]