Netflix Streaming: Top 5 Must Watch Horror Movies

When it comes to Netflix, every subscriber has his or her own taste for the specific flavors of video consumption on the buffet. Netflix is good for many things, which includes giving subscribers a color wheel that keeps on spinning quality entertainment in front of their eyes for an unlimited supply of visual entertainment.

But when it comes to horror movies, Netflix does not always have the widest selection of great movies to watch. But that does not mean they do not have great horror movies on their video-streaming buffet.

Here is a top five list for what to watch on Netflix in horror, even if you have already seen some of the classic gems that are mentioned.

  1. An American Werewolf In London

It is not enough for fans of the horror genre to simply browse through Netflix and try to find the latest trend in horror. An American Werewolf In London is one of those movies that was so good that every once in a while, a true horror fan has to stop and take a step back just to catch back up with what made horror great to start with.

Sure, it might have been a horror movie from your youth that you have already seen a dozen or more times. But An American Werewolf In London is currently streaming on Netflix and it is a good reason, if for nothing else, to stream great horror on the platform.

For those who have not seen An American Werewolf In London, the movie is about two American men who are backpacking through Europe on vacation. While on the moors, they are warned to stick to the road and “beware the moon.” But of course, they didn’t. That, of course, causes a man to contract the curse of the werewolf and the monster that emerges from within him is one of the most terrifying ever to come across the big screen.

  1. The Shining

There is perhaps no better way to spend your time on a cold winter day than streaming a classic horror movie brought to you by the minds of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick on Netflix. Although the two were at odds with each other about the movie, what resulted was one of the most disturbing horror films ever to come across the big screen. If you have ever heard the phrase “Red Rum,” then this movie will give you all the context you will ever need to know what it means.

  1. The Omen

Netflix is the perfect venue to go back and digitally stream a truly unnerving horror classic. Just imagine a world where people can go back in time and kill a person that would eventually grow up to become one of the most evil people in the world. Well, this is not a time travel movie, but this is the goal of people who know what a young boy is before he becomes the true evil. He is the son of Satan.

  1. We Are What We Are

Don’t think that there are not horror movies out there that have that numbing independent feeling that could almost qualify as an Oscar-worthy event. Netflix offers this rare horror gem that features a family that has thrived for many generations as cannibals in secret. It is only until one of them dies that their secret is discovered by mistake through a post-mortem dental examination. This slow burn film with its unnerving storyline is firmly base in reality and will give you chills up and down your spine.

  1. Stake Land

Even Rotten Tomatoes has been able to endorse this film with a 75 percent certified fresh rating for this Netflix horror gem. It features a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by a vampire epidemic and the survivors have much more to fear than just the onslaught of mindless zombies.

There are many more great horror films streaming on Netflix at this time. But Netflix still has a limited selection of horror every month, so catch them while they are available.

[Featured Image by Universal]