Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez’s Net Worth, Zodiac Similar: Will Age-Gap Matter?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are reportedly dating. According to reports, the two have been dating for a couple of months. When we looked into J-Lo and A-Rod’s individual net worth, we find them equal. However, what everyone is talking about is the age difference between the two. J-Lo is 47 now, and A-Rod is 41. Will the age-gap between the two matter?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are reportedly dating.

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth

Often called the queen of business, Jennifer Lopez’s estimated net worth is $340 million. According to estimates, her annual salary is $40 million. She has been in the music industry for two decades now. She is one of the highest-paid celebrities in the music business ever. She started her career as a dancer in nightclubs. She also danced for celebrities like Janet Jackson. Her first big break was the 1995 film, Selena, which established her acting career. She has earned from her music, as well as acting.

Jennifer Lopez was already an actress when she released her debut album. In 1999, she released “On the 6.” She has released albums in both English and Spanish. She also has a clothing line called “JLO” in 2003, when she also launched her debut fragrance brand, “Glow by J. Lo.” J-Lo was a guest judge for a number of seasons of American Idol. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she earned $12 million per year for her participation in the show. In recent times, Jennifer featured in a number of TV commercials for Fiat.

A-Rod's net worth is $300 million

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

According to estimates, A-Rod’s net worth is $300 million, with an annual salary of $30 million. This means both J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez are two of the richest celebrities around., with each of them having $300 million or more. He former baseball superstar has reportedly struck a deal with FOX as a sports analyst. A-Rod, one of the highest-paid athletes of all time. Alex Rodriguez became a star with the Seattle Mariners and broke many records. In 2000, he joined the Texas Rangers. Later, he signed for the New York Yankees and drew $252 million in salary over the next 10 years, The Richest reveals.

Jennifer Lopez has dated Ben Affleck in the past.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Zodiac

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez share the same zodiac signs. J-Lo was born on July 24 and Alex Rodriguez on July 27, which means both have Leo as their sun sign. According to, it’s “a knock-out love match.” The couple should be expected to have a lot of “good times” together. The relationship is “socializing, entertaining, and amusing.” Interestingly, Ben Affleck, whom J-Lo dated in the past belonged to the same zodiac as well.

Will Age-Gap Matter?

Both J-Lo and A-Rod are in their 40s, while the diva is six years older than her alleged boyfriend. If we look at the individual dating history, we see a pattern. In the past, Lopez has dated men much younger than her. Even Rodriguez has dated older women earlier. Those whom the 47-year-old has dated in the past (alleged or confirmed) include Drake (30). Casper Smart (29) and Ben Affleck (44). Those whom the 41-year-old athlete has dated in the past (alleged or confirmed) include Madonna (58), Cynthia Scurtis (44), Bethenny Frankel (46), Cameron Diaz (44), and Demi Moore (54).

The dating rumor of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez was first reported by According to its source, J-Lo broke up with Drake after he was spotted with French pornstar Rosee Divine earlier this year.

“He was with her in Vegas during this latest leg of her Planet Hollywood Vegas show,” the source claimed. “They were all coupled up behind the scenes, not public, but absolutely not hiding their relationship around close friends and family.”

“It is definitely for real.”

We may still have to wait to see if Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez become “J-Rod.” Their net worth and zodiac match. But, that’s just the start.

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