March 5, 2017
WWE News: Reason Why Dana Brooke Has Been Absent From WWE Ring Revealed

For every person competing in the WWE, the goal is to reach the greatest height that one could possibly attain in the business. For the women's division, that is to become Raw or SmackDown Women's Champion. Right now, both divisions are highly showcased, with Raw featuring the champion Bayley, as well as the top contenders Charlotte, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks. For SmackDown Live, champion Alexis Bliss has Becky Lynch to worry about, but Naomi is doing her best to recover in time for a second title reign at WrestleMania 33. For other names, such as Alicia Fox, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke, each are there to enhance the division, but are not top contenders for the respective championships.

Dana Brooke, particularly, has not experienced a boastful career on the main roster. It came to the surprise of many that she was moved up so quickly, while still establishing herself as a character on NXT. Using her fitness competition background as a launchpad for her debut in 2015, Brooke played an arrogant vixen who pompously aimed to teach her foes a lesson. As this gimmick developed a small level of traction, her next move proved to be quite beneficial to her career, as she aligned with the experienced, and similarly arrogant, Emma. The duo saw themselves in an intense feud with NXT Women's Champion Asuka, which led to matches with both Brooke and Emma.

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With Emma now on the main roster, Brooke had no one to align with on NXT. As a result, she was moved up to the main roster last May to reunite with her. Unfortunately, Emma suffered an injury shortly after her being moved back up to the main roster, and was sidelined indefinitely. This once again left Brooke with no partner, until she decided to form an alliance with Charlotte. This alliance, however, has been very lop-sided, with Brooke playing more of a lackey.

Recently, Brooke has made very infrequent in-ring television appearances, with no progression for her character. Fortunately, she has been spending this time away from the ring to do something very productive, which was to get back in tip-top shape to compete once again in the Arnold Classic. Brooke managed to successfully accomplish this goal, and attend the event. To recognize this achievement, Triple H acknowledged Brooke competing at the Arnold Classic via social media.


"[WWE] talent are superstars in and out of the ring. Congrats, Dana. #Hardwork #Dedication #ASF2017 #ArnoldClassic"
To prepare for the appearance, Brooke has only had a small number matches all year. In January, she competed just three times the entire month, with none of them being on Raw. She only competed three times in February. Again, none of them were on Raw or pay-per-view. Brooke made her return in late February during the Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks match on Raw, but her interference was futile.

In fact, Brooke was heavily criticized on social media for her recent slip-up during the Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax and Charlotte match on Raw. She responded to the tweet by stating, "when you actually know what your (sic) talking about then please tweet @ me! Annoying when all u do is this i mess up! get a life."

Twitter has not been the only platform that has criticized Brooke's main roster run. The Philadelphia Inquirer referred to her as Charlotte's "useless protege," and Reddit was heavily critical of her gaining weight before getting back into shape. While there were times where it seemed like Brooke was going to break away from her alliance with Charlotte, she continues to be relegated to this position.


Thankfully, she can continue to do what she loves outside of the WWE, as she showed by competing once again in the Arnold Classic.

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