Samsung Galaxy X Release Date And Specs: The Most Probable Rumors So Far

Simon Alvarez

Among the smartphones that are set to be released this year, very few have captured the imagination of mobile consumers more than Samsung's rumored line of foldable flagship-grade devices, the cryptic and top-secret Galaxy X. While very few details about the device are known, the few rumors and leaks about the upcoming smartphone suggest that the Galaxy X might very well be Samsung's most daring device in years.

Despite the lack of information available, the consensus among smartphone fans is that it would only be a matter of time before Samsung releases the Galaxy X. Speculations are high about the release date of the device, with some rumors stating that the highly-anticipated smartphone would be unveiled at the same time as the Galaxy Note 8, which is speculated for an August launch. While unconfirmed, a release date around this time would be strategic for the new device, allowing the Galaxy X to adequately saturate the mobile market.

What is known about the Galaxy X, however, is its name. A recent GSM Arena report has stated that the Galaxy X moniker has officially been trademarked by Samsung. Apart from this, the report also described two handsets that would be released under the Galaxy X brand, the SM-X9000 Galaxy X1 and the SM-X9050 X1+. With this in mind, it appears that the Galaxy X would be released with two configurations - a basic model and a larger, phablet-sized variant.

Considering that much of the Galaxy X remains in the realm of speculation, rumors about the device have continued to emerge in increasing frequency. Despite the lack of concrete information, however, Samsung's current mobile strategies and its previous flagships' specs could provide clues as to what the Galaxy X would be like.

According to a KnowYourMobile report, the Galaxy X would most probably feature much of the same specs as Samsung's top-tier devices. Display-wise, it is highly likely for the Galaxy X to be equipped with Samsung's Super AMOLED display, especially since the South Korean tech giant has already taken the wraps off the company's foldable AMOLED panels. The Galaxy X's foldable display would most likely be split in the middle through a special hinge, which would allow the smartphone to fold in a manner similar to the iconic clamshell mobile phones of yesteryear.

The camera of the Galaxy X would probably be capable as well, considering Samsung's reputation for releasing great-quality mobile cameras. Considering that even the tech giant's midrange devices feature capable sensors, the Galaxy X would most likely be equipped with a formidable camera setup as well.

One thing that the Galaxy X might lack in, however, is the device's battery. With the upcoming device following a foldable design, the space allotted for the battery of the Galaxy X is quite limited. Of course, Samsung could simply follow a stacked battery setup in order to maximize the available space in the Galaxy X's frame. By doing this, Samsung would be able to fit a decent-sized battery pack in the foldable smartphone.

The Galaxy X, if it does see a release this year, would most likely be the most unique device to be revealed in the mobile market to date. Considering that the interest surrounding the upcoming device is already very significant, all Samsung really needs to do right now is to strike the right balance between form and power to ensure the success of the Galaxy X.