Angelina Jolie: Her Divorce Plans As 'Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Reconnect'

Angelina Jolie is livid over the news that Brad Pitt has allegedly reconnected with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, it has been revealed.

The actress, who filed for divorce back in September, has not remained on good terms with Pitt, having infamously used her PR team to share stories concerning Brad's supposed bad parenting skills and his supposed addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Angelina Jolie has made it known that she wants full custody of their six children, giving the clear impression that she doesn't trust her ex-husband enough to even grant him visitation rights and spend quality time with the kids he has formed a close bond with over the years.

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While the divorce and custody drama is still ongoing, Brad has given the impression that he wants to move on with his life regardless of how hard it is for him to accept the fact that Angelina Jolie reportedly wants to leave the marriage with full custody. It's not how he would've expected them to go their separate ways.

With that said, Hollywood Life claims that in recent days, Brad has been in touch with Jennifer Aniston, who congratulated the actor for his involvement with Moonlight, which ended up winning Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars.

According to the outlet, it was Jennifer who made the move to reach out to Brad and congratulate him on all his success. "She absolutely loved the film and knew Brad was the one behind it," an insider claims, affirming that things are much better between the former couple than when they divorced in 2005.

Knowing that her ex-husband is back in touch with Aniston isn't sitting too well with Angelina Jolie, as the insider added, "Angelina Jolie, 41, is kinda freaking out now that Brad Pitt, 52, has reconnected with his ex Jennifer Aniston."

"It stings for Angelina to know that Brad still thinks about Jen and wants to stay connected to her. Angelina is frustrated, confused, annoyed and hurt that Brad would reach out to Jen so soon after breaking up with her."
As the source mentions, Angelina Jolie is puzzled as to why Pitt would make the daring move to even engage in conversation with Jennifer, who he hasn't spoken to in years, Yahoo continues. On top of that, the "Friends" actress is now married to Justin Theroux, so the idea of even getting in touch with her seems rather odd for Angelina.

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Prior to the couple's split in September, it had been claimed that Angelina Jolie was growing concerned about Brad's supposed flirtatious behavior while working with female co-stars on his movies, so much that she was even convinced he had cheated on her with Marion Cotillard, it was alleged.

In recent interviews, Angelina Jolie has made it known that she plans for her and Brad to "remain as a family" that will always love one another, which is, of course, a different tone to the court-ordered papers that claim the Tomb Raider star isn't willing to consider the idea of settling with joint custody of all six children.

Hollywood Life concludes by saying that Jennifer's intentions by calling Brad and congratulating on his success were purely in good spirit. She understands that her ex-husband must be hurting by the thought of not being able to see his children in the midst of dealing with a divorce and maintaining his movie career.

If anything, Jennifer was doing nothing more than showing her support to a man she one considered would spend the rest of his life with her.

Regardless of Angelina Jolie's feelings, it seems as if Brad Pitt and Jennifer will always have a mutual relationship with one another, the source adds — one that shows both parties might have moved on with their lives but they are mature enough to still be supporting each other.

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