Kim Kardashian Accused Of Using Paris Robbery To Get Plastic Surgery

Emily Hutchinson

Kim Kardashian is being accused by fans and plastic surgeons alike of using her time away from the spotlight following her Paris robbery in October to get plastic surgery.

Speculation is rife that Kim may have gone under the knife to change her appearance after being robbed of $10 million of jewelry last year, as some plastic surgeons are claiming Kardashian's face appears to have undergone a transformation in the wake of the scary incident.

Radar Online spoke to a slew of plastic surgeons, who have not treated Kim, about Kardashian's alleged changing appearance, who claimed the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star may have had surgery to alter her facial features during her downtime.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng is just one of the plastic surgeons claiming Kim may have had surgery last year, telling the site that Kim's cheekbones allegedly appear to be more accentuated that they were prior to her robbery.

"One thing that is very striking is the accentuation of her cheek bones," the surgeon told the site of Kim's post-robbery appearance, claiming that Kardashian's seemingly enhanced cheekbones "could have been achieved with either implants or fillers."

"[Kim's] face certainly appears to have been touched," continued the surgeon, though Kim has not confirmed going under the knife following her scary attack in France in October.

"She looks better after Paris," he added of the reality star.

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn also alleged to the site that Kardashian may have used her time off to get plastic surgery, chiming in on Kim's seemingly more defined cheek bones and seemingly altered appearance.

"Kim's cheeks are very well defined and could be enhanced with an injectable filler like Juvederm Voluma," he said of Kardashian. "[Kim's] chin is also very defined, and could have been subtly enhanced with a filler like Restylane."

Kim Kardashian has not confirmed getting plastic surgery either before or after her scary Paris robbery. However, it's not just plastic surgeons who are claiming that there's a chance Kardashian may have used her time away from the spotlight and social media to visit the doctor's office.

Ever since Kardashian returned to the spotlight after more than a month away from social media and the spotlight, fans have been taking to social media to speculate that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star appears to look a little different than she did prior to her October drama.

A number of social media users are also alleging that Kardashian may have had plastic surgery, taking to Twitter to accuse Kim of going under the knife after the robbery that saw her uncharacteristically stay away from the cameras.

"I wonder what Kim would look like today without the countless amounts of plastic surgery," @Dan_Pedersen wrote online, while @AunyeaLachelle accused Kardashian of taking some time away to get surgery by tweeting, "When you realize #KimKardashian only went in hiding to recover from her new plastic surgery. Girl #whoyoufooling?!"

"ANNNNNNND I'm sorry but Kim isn't out of the public eye because of this robbery it's because she's recovering from all her new surgery," @robynxix alleged on the social media site following Kim's robbery.

This also isn't the first time Kim has been accused of using her time out from the spotlight to get plastic surgery.

Uproxx claimed last year that Kardashian was being accused of using her time away to get her butt implants removed, though the star has never confirmed she had any plastic surgery on her face or body.

Notably, Kardashian has never confirmed she's gotten any form of plastic surgery, though Kim did hint to fans that she may have been getting more procedures done earlier this month.

Kardashian took to Twitter to reveal that she'd visited a surgeon's office on February 8, telling her more than 50 million followers on the social media site, "Late night Dr. Ourian sessions are always the best!"

What do you think of Kim Kardashian being accused of getting plastic surgery while taking some time out following her Paris robbery?

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