Momma Dee Says ‘LHHATL’ Is Real, Explains Why She Didn’t Vote In The Election

Momma Dee is headed back to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta for Season 6. The real queen of reality TV was a guest on the Domenick Nati Show yesterday, where she confirmed that she would appear in the VH1 hit, and while she didn’t want to give up the goods on what fans could expect, she did have plenty to say about her relationship with Ernest, whether the drama is real, and about our new POTUS.

When it comes to Momma Dee and her tumultuous relationship with her husband, Ernest, she says that they are still a work in progress. Lil Scrappy’s mom explained that he needs to “step out of his mother’s womb and be a man.”

Apparently, Ernest is still letting Momma Dee foot the bills and doesn’t see a problem with that. She said that Ernest thinks that a woman is supposed to pay for everything because his mama raised him that way. To that, Nati said, “Man up, Ernest!”

When it comes the just how real the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are being while the cameras are rolling, Momma Dee definitely is taking a different stance than Joseline Hernandez did when she filmed that deposition in the Althea Heart reunion show lawsuit. Momma Dee confronted rumors that LHHATL is scripted and that some of the scenes that viewers see are fake. She said she wishes it was scripted, so the cast could all go get a drink after they film.

“The hate is real, the fights are real.”

When it comes to the recent presidential election, Momma Dee admitted that she did not cast a vote. She also proudly exclaimed that she’s glad that she didn’t. Referencing the fact that Donald Trump won the presidency via the electoral college vote while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Momma Dee went off about how it doesn’t even matter if you voted in the presidential election.

“Why do all these people get up in the morning… take their lunch breaks… vote early. None of it counts.”

Momma Dee continued to rant on the way that the election panned out, saying that if those who are running for president are just going to buy their win, then why even bother voting? She did, however, agree with Donald Trump’s immigration policies and told Nati that she felt that if we’re going to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico, the Mexicans definitely should pay for it.

There were other parts of the interview that played out on iHeartRadio but didn’t make the cut in the YouTube share of Momma Dee’s interview. She was asked about the drama between Kirk Frost and his wife, Rasheeda. For those who may have missed it, Kirk has been accused of cheating again, and this time there is a new baby involved. There have been rumors that the drama will be caught by Love & Hip Hop; Atlanta cameras, and Momma Dee’s response to Domenick’s question about the cheating scandal makes it sound like this is true. Her response to the possible Jasmine Washington/Kirk Frost/Rasheeda story line was that we’ll just have to watch the show and see.

Momma Dee said the same thing about reports that Bambi and Lil Scrappy have broken up. While she did remain very neutral and even said she was praying for them, Scrappy’s mom made it clear that if we want to know what really happened, then we better be watching Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta next month when the cast returns for Season 6.

Even though Momma Dee was very careful not to spill the beans on Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she is always a pleasure. Be sure to check out her interview on the Domenick Nati Show and tell us what you think will be the biggest LHHATL drama when the VH1 show returns.

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]