February 9, 2017
WWE Opinion: The Big-Time WWE Debut That May Never Happen

One of the biggest things in the world of professional wrestling is when a superstar makes a huge debut on a show or in a promotion. Sometimes, it is the same person the fans have seen for years, but with a new or entirely different gimmick. Well, there is one big-time debut that WWE has been promoting for months now, and there has always been something to stand in the way. Once again, the debut of Emmalina is on the way, but is it actually going to happen?

When Samoa Joe made his NXT debut a couple of years ago, the world freaked out. Two weeks ago, he showed up on Monday Night Raw to make his main roster debut, and it made people even more excited. That is what happens when superstars first show up, even if WWE builds them up ahead of time.

The same kind of excitement comes when a superstar is repackaged upon their return, and that is what has taken place with Emma as she transforms into Emmalina. Fans have been waiting for her to make her big return/debut, but it still hasn't happened.

Will it?

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As reported by Cageside Seats, Emmalina's long-awaited debut is set to take place this week on Monday Night Raw. Of course, wrestling cards are always subject to change whether it is a match, appearance, or anything at all regarding an event.

When it comes to Emmalina showing back up on WWE television, "subject to change" takes on an even stronger meaning.

In March of last year, Emma returned from NXT to the WWE main roster as a heel and with a slightly different, darker look. In May, Emma ended up teaming back up with Dana Brooke, who she had worked with a lot in NXT, and the partnership appeared to have been brought up to the main roster, but it would be short-lived.

Emma ended up suffering a back injury which required surgery and would put her out of action for months.

On an early October episode of Monday Night Raw, a vignette was shown to the fans that hyped up the repackaging of Emma as Emmalina. It also said that she would be arriving soon. Each week, more videos would be shown and build up the eventual December 12 debut of the women's superstar.

Only, she didn't show up. Then, Emmalina wasn't on the next episode of Raw either. January passed by the week, and there was no sign of her. Finally, this past week, WWE presented yet another tease and a new date for Emmalina's debut.

So, her big return/debut is set for this upcoming week, and she is going to show up to take her place back in the women's division on Raw, but will it actually happen. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer states that the deal with Emma is that the whole thing is "just a running joke and there's no spot ready for her."

If she doesn't show up yet again, fans are going to start turning on this whole situation and will likely boo her out of the building when she finally does show up again. The official page for WWE Live Events does not have her listed as appearing on the upcoming Monday Night Raw, but the superstar herself is ready to be there in Las Vegas.

Emma aka Emmalina is a very talented superstar, and she could add a lot to a Raw women's division that has been focused on four stars for weeks with Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax getting most of the attention. Emmalina's debut would be good to shake things up, but it really is difficult to believe it will happen.

Emma has been with WWE since 2011, and she has spent her time split between NXT and the main roster while either being serious or comedy relief. After suffering an injury, the idea came up to repackage her and even give her a new name upon her return, but why hasn't it happened? Yes, delays are expected at times, but it just really seems as if the debut/return of Emmalina may never happen even if she is booked for this week's Monday Night Raw.

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