‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Will Bailey Suspend Meredith?

The fate of Alex may have been revealed in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 last week, but now it looks like another attending is in trouble. The trailer for this week’s episode shows Bailey and Meredith go head-to-head.

Over the last few weeks, it has been easy to overlook the threat of Eliza Minnick in the hospital. She has been brought in by Chief Bailey and Catherine Avery to overhaul the residents’ program. Sure enough, the residents love her, but the attendings have a different opinion. They especially don’t like that Richard Webber – who has trained plenty of residents over the years – is being pushed out of his role.

Last week saw various attendings block Minnick from their ORs. Arizona made it clear that she wasn’t welcome, while Riggs changed the time of his surgery to make sure Minnick couldn’t get in. According to Minnick, they weren’t the only two, and she made a speech about getting into Webber’s OR before he jumped at the chance to let her in. It was all a ploy to school her.

When Bailey called for a meeting with the attendings, nobody turned up. It was a direct snub against Minnick and Bailey’s decisions to bring her in.

Now the snub will go further. By the looks of the trailer for the latest Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 episode, Meredith is going to refuse to follow Minnick’s instructions. It will put her in a position for suspending by Bailey, who will see this as a threat to her position. Bailey will tell her to go home, suggesting that she comes back with a different attitude. The Christian Post suggests that this is Bailey suspending Meredith until she chooses to fall in line in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13.

Out of all the attendings, Meredith is in one of the strongest positions. She, Arizona, and Jackson are all members of the board, along with Bailey. It is possible that Bailey could suspend them, but couldn’t Meredith override that decision? Couldn’t other members of the board override that decision, especially with Jackson as the voice for the Avery Foundation?

Fans have rallied against Minnick, saying that they want her out. They haven’t liked the way that the character has been introduced and have no interest in giving her a chance. Grey’s Anatomy fans have also shared their dislike of Bailey ever since she became Chief of Surgery. Bailey has made some poor decisions, and the recent one listening to Catherine Avery has been the one that fans have hated the most.

Is it possible that Bailey will see that she could lose some of her best doctors at the hospital? The last time a group of doctors got together and walked out was when the hospital was in financial ruin, just before Meredith, Cristina, Derek, and others involved in the plane crash bought it out. Their decision to walk away put the hospital in further trouble, and now it looks like it may be their only option again. If they walked away, there would be nobody to train the residents and implement Minnick’s teaching method. Sure enough, the doctors could be replaced, but it wouldn’t be easy to replace everybody immediately.

Now that Alex’s Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 storyline is over, fans can concentrate on the latest threat at Grey Sloan Memorial. It will now be time for the doctors to work together to decide what they want to do about Minnick and how they will overpower Bailey and Catherine Avery.

It also looks like the members of the hospital will find out that Catherine Avery is the mastermind behind Minnick’s introduction in this week’s episode. The latest sneak peek showed April asking if Catherine was here to put a stop to the Webber/Bailey/Minnick situation, which she didn’t confirm or deny. Bailey had already told Webber that someone else agreed a change was needed and now it looks like his marriage will start to fall apart when he finds out that “someone” is his own wife.

Which side are you on in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13? Do you want to see Minnick out or do you support the hospital change?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 continues on Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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