'Cash Me Outside' Girl Not Dead: 13-Year-Old Danielle Ann A 'Dr. Phil Show' Victim Of Fake News, Not Suicide

The shocking headline reads "'Cash Me Outside' Girl Found Dead After Apparent Suicide!!!!" However, that is fake news. Dr. Phil Show viewers might remember Danielle, better known as the "Cash Me Outside" girl, from Internet memes. As seen in the following Dr. Phil Show videos, Danielle was a 13-year-old girl who appeared on Dr. Phil's show, and became known as the "Cash Me Outside" girl, after Danielle issued a threat to the audience, saying, "Catch me outside." Instead, the "catch me outside" phrase sounded more like "cash me outside," and that's how Danielle became known.

Danielle's popularity has made her the victim of a suicide hoax in fake news reports spreading online, with one of those articles claiming the "Cash Me Outside" girl had killed herself garnering about 55,000 views. The fake article claimed that Danielle Ann was discovered in her room after committing suicide in the wake of the Dr. Phil Show videos gone viral.
"After months of bullying from social media and peers at school, Danielle Ann was found dead in her room on January 23. The harassment began shortly after the Dr. Phil show released a clip onto their Youtube channel, in which a 13-year-old Danielle appears on the show for stealing cars. While on the show, Danielle began to get irritated with the audience and shouted, 'Catch me outside, how about that?' Initially the airing of the clip was enough to handle. Then a fight with a fellow student leaked online of Danielle being drug out of a car and repeatedly struck in the head. Just days after, Danielle was found unresponsive by her mother in her bedroom. She was then rushed to the hospital and later pronounced dead late Monday evening."
Danielle confronted her own mother and called the audience of the Dr. Phil Show disparaging names for laughing at the "Catch Me Outside" girl.
However, the Dr. Phil Show has provided no such updates about the "Cash Me Outside" girl committing suicide, and Dr. Phil would likely be one of the first outlets to provide such a shocking update about a former famous guest. Danielle's "Cash Me Outside" phrase became so popular that Urban Dictionary explained that "catch me outside" means to catch a person outside to fight.
Danielle made news on Dr. McGraw's show for stealing not only her mother's car -- but the car of one of Dr. Phil's employees, as well.

Dr. Phil accused Barbara Ann of inciting some of the violence displayed in her daughter Danielle, with videos showing Barbara Ann cursing as well, and asking her "Cash Me Outside" daughter if Danielle wanted a piece of her mother. It was a sad scenario, juxtaposed next to photos of Danielle when she was a young girl, appearing happy and smiling next to her mother.

Barbara Ann eventually sent her daughter away, as seen in the below clip from Dr. Phil, after the mom got fed up with Danielle's behavior to the point where Barbara Ann claimed that nothing worked to control her "Cash/Catch Me Outside" girl. Danielle has gone on shopping sprees with her mother's credit card -- and bought a stripper pole with the stolen funds.

Whereas Dr. Phil has provided no readily findable updates via Google about his famous "Cash Me Outside" guest as of this writing, with Danielle's popularity, it is likely that Dr. Phil will eventually give updates about Danielle on a future show, especially if the efforts to reform Danielle were successful. Viewers of the Dr. Phil Show are probably relieved to know that suicide reports about the "Cash Me Outside" girl are fake news reports.

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