'The Birthday Wish': Hallmark Movie--TV Commercial Director Sees Visions Of Love After Birthday Wish, Starring Jessy Schram, Luke Macfarlane

Everyone likes nice surprises. And it doesn't seem any different for the character in the latest Hallmark movie titled The Birthday Wish, which is about a television commercial director who makes a wish that changes her life forever. Also known as simply Birthday Wish, the movie, which is directed by Peter DeLuise and written by Julie Sherman Wolfe, is part of Hallmark Channel's Winterfest programming event. It stars Jessy Schram as Gwen, Luke Macfarlane as Dave, David Lewis as Bruce, Marcus Rosner as Alex, Drew Tanner as Kian, Yvonne Chapman as Mia, and Cardi Wong as Greg.

Synopsis: Hallmark Channel's The Birthday Wish (Birthday Wish)

Gwen Turner is a woman who knows what she wants. She plans every detail of her life down to the letter. It's no different for the way she plans her birthday. Gwen, a television commercial director, is planning her upcoming birthday. Of course, it must be perfect since Gwen believes that her birthday sets the tone for how the rest of her year will play out. Always the constructor of her own life, Gwen knows that she has to pull off the perfect birthday, which includes having her favorite cupcakes and birthday cake. But ultimately what she wants is a proposal.

That's right. Gwen is desperately seeking a proposal from her longtime boyfriend, Alex. But it seems that sometimes Alex just doesn't get it. While Gwen is impatiently waiting for Alex to pop the question so that she can live her dream, which is to be married and direct movies and documentaries, Alex seems to be doing everything but asking for her hand in marriage.

For her birthday Alex gives her beautiful luxury bags, gorgeous fluffy flowers, along with other extravagant items that Gwen doesn't care about. She wants the ring!

But just when she has given up hope that Alex is going to ask the big question, he finally presents her with a stunning jewelry box that is sure to have a ring inside. After taking a gulp, and opening the box, she gets the perfect "un-surprise," a WiFi ring that will vibrate every time she gets an email or a phone call from her beloved Alex.

Hurt to the core, Gwen realizes that she and Alex are not on the same track. With the support of her friend Mia and a new television commercial director named Dave, she finds bits of happiness again. But when Dave convinces her to make a birthday wish and Gwen accepts by making a wish to see her life in 10 years, she is shocked to see that she is a married woman who is happily living in the suburbs with her husband...Dave, not Alex.

About The Actress Who Plays Gwen Jessy Schram (via Hallmark Channel)
"As a film actress, Jessy's continually drawn to the world of independent film. She wrapped Shot Caller this past year opposite Lake Bell and Jon Bernthal. Prior to that, Jessy was in award winning writer and director Jesse V. Johnson's The Beautiful Ones. Jesse has also worked alongside Jeff Garlin, Sarah Silverman and Amy Sedaris in the ensemble comedy I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, and with Finn Wittrock and Emilie de Ravin in The Submarine Kid. She has also worked with the late Tony Scott, playing opposite Chris Pine in the action-thriller blockbuster, Unstoppable.
The Birthday Wish (Birthday Wish) is executive produced by Jean Abounader and Peter DeLuise with the production credit going to Candle Road Productions LTD, the Internet Movie Database states.

The Birthday Wish airs tonight at 9/8 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel. Did you see last weekend's Hallmark movie? It was called A Royal Winter.

[Featured Image by Kailey Schwerman/Crown Media]