Oak Island Treasure Found? Has The 'Curse Of Oak Island' Team Finally Found The Legendary Pirate Booty?

Has the Oak Island Treasure been found? That's the question fans of the History Channel series Curse of Oak Island are asking in light of recent episodes depicting promising new leads.

The answer: No, the Oak Island treasure has not been found. But first, a little background.

For those not familiar with the show, Curse of Oak Island follows the adventure of Michigan businessmen the Lagina Brothers as they dig for buried pirate treasure on Oak Island, off the coast of Canada. Legend holds that the pirate Captain Kidd buried treasure on the Nova Scotia island and then cursed it.

Has the Oak Island Treasure been found?
The feared pirate Captain Kidd, who allegedly buried treasure on Oak Island. [Image by James Thornhill via Wikimedia Commons by Public Domain]

According to legend, the Oak Island treasure won't be found until seven men have died searching for it. As of this writing, six men have died searching for the mythical treasure. Meanwhile, for 220 years, search teams have torn up the island, sunk untold amounts of money into finding the treasure, and found naught but a few clues: some bones here, a few links of a gold chain there, some planks of wood with strange markings. But no buried pirate treasure.

Here's how you can know for certain that, as of this writing, the Oak Island treasure has not been found.

If It Happened, It Would Have Been All Over The News

The specifics of Curse of Oak Island's production schedule is unclear, but it's safe to assume that some period of time passes between when the Lagina Brothers' team is filmed and the time viewers see it on their TV's. If the team finally finds that buried treasure, after two centuries of searching, it's going to be big news that's covered on outlets like CNN and MSNBC. And the news media isn't going to wait until the show airs to tell you about it. The news doesn't care about spoilers.

For now, the Oak Island treasure remains buried. Or does it?

The Lagina Brothers Will Never Find The Oak Island Treasure Because It Doesn't Exist

This is going to be a huge disappointment to Curse of Oak Island fans, but the reality is that there likely is no buried treasure on Oak Island. There are several reasons for this.

For one thing, curses don't exist, and legends are just that: legends. And the legends of the Oak Island treasure are either contradictory or heavily biased, according to the Skeptical Inquirer.

One supposed location for the mythical Oak Island treasure -- and one into which the Lagina Brothers have poured time and resources -- is the so-called "Money Pit," a 170-foot-deep, 40-inch-wide shaft where the treasure allegedly sits at the bottom, waiting to be found. Supposedly, the builder of the pit designed it with fail safes and booby traps designed to keep treasure hunters away -- for example, by channeling seawater into the pit to keep treasure hunters away. Or, it could very well be that these "booby traps" and channels are naturally-occurring, and treasure hunters are being thwarted by nothing more than the tide.

Beyond all of that, however, is the fact that pirates did not bury their treasure. According to the History Channel, the history of piracy gives only a few documented and confirmed instances where a pirate buried his treasure, and in those cases, it was only for a brief period of time. What possible good would it have done Captain Kidd to bury his treasure and then booby-trap it, only to leave it behind for 200 years?

In the unlikely event that Captain Kidd actually did bury his treasure on Oak Island, it's quite likely that it was found and removed long before TV cameras were there to document it.


Regardless, one thing remains certain: As of this writing, the Oak Island treasure has most certainly not been found.

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