T.I. Warns of ‘Hidden Agenda,’ Blasts Kanye, Steve Harvey For Trump Meetings

Rap star T.I. is warning the minority community about President-elect Donald Trump’s “secret agenda” and blasting black celebs like Kanye West and Steve Harvey for allowing themselves to be used by him.

Just days after sharing his innermost thoughts in personal letters he directed to President Obama and Trump concerning the state and direction of this country, the “Family Hustle” reality TV star went on the offensive.

“Look, I’m going to tell all you celebrities; black, minority, all of you,” he said in a series of posts made to social media. “Man, athlete’s, man. All of you. Look, let me tell you something. There’s a strategic plan that people are trying to make you a part of, okay? Do not accept any invitation to have any meeting.”

T.I. went on to warn no matter how positive things may appear on the surface, “people have a very Willie Lynch, agenda.”

The “Willie Lynch Speech” is an infamous address allegedly given in the early 1700s where one slave owner laid out a plan to another about how the “secret” to controlling slaves rested in pitting them against one another.

Throughout campaign season, Trump stirred plenty of controversy with some of his most feisty rhetoric, which many deemed to be racist and largely divisive.

“What do they do? They get Kanye West to come in,” added T.I.. “Well, he’s their representative. They listen to his music, they buy his shoes, they go see him in concert. Well, surely we could take a picture with him. He smiles and says he’s cool with it, they’ll fall right in line.”

As for Harvey, the rapper added his talk show gives him a measure of influence with black females, and thus his inclusion in the plan to brainwash the masses has been critical.

“Well, who speaks to the black women? Steve Harvey,” he said. “Let’s get him in here. He’ll take a picture. He’ll smile. He’ll say it’s cool. They’ll fall right in line.”

T.I. also questioned the logic of black heroes like Jim Brown, Ray Lewis and Martin Luther King III meeting with Trump, particularly King whose meeting came on his father’s birthday and just days after the face of the Republican Party engaged in a running war of words with Civil Rights legend John Lewis.

“Homeboy [Lewis] was one of the most prolific civil rights activists of our times, you’re going to get Martin Luther King’s son, on Martin Luther King Day, to come in there and meet with you? Man, you all have got to see this, man. Divide and conquer,” the rapper added.

The 39-year-old West’s meeting came at Trump Tower, just days after he was released from a California hospital following what’s been described as a “psychotic meltdown.” Prior to that, he stunned concert fans by revealing he didn’t vote in Trump’s upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but if he had he would have cast his vote for Trump.

The “Jesus Walks” rapper has remained largely tight-lipped about what he discussed with Trump, only revealing that they touched on getting a handle on all the violence in his Chicago hometown and the problem of bullying.

President-elect Donald Trump and television personality Steve Harvey speak to reporters after their meeting at Trump Tower in New York City. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images][/caption]

Harvey sought to justify his meeting with and apparent support of Trump by pointing to the fact that he also had the chance to speak with Housing and Urban Development nominee Dr. Ben Carson.

“We’re going to team up and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities which I felt was my only agenda and he agreed,” he said. “He realizes he needs some allies in that department, he seemed really sincere about it.”

Harvey previously told reporters he endorsed Trump for making the election “fun to watch.” Following their Trump Tower meeting, he joked the idea of the Trumps vs. Clintons on his “Family Feud” show would be “skyrocketing for the ratings.”

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