Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Q3 Release Date Eyed To Coincide With Galaxy X Debut? Latest Specs, Rumors, And More

Simon Alvarez

Despite initial rumors that the esteemed line of flagship phablets would be discontinued, it appears that Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Note 8 later this year. Considering that Samsung might be playing it safe due to the Note 7 debacle of 2016, however, there is a pretty good chance that the South Korean tech giant's latest powerhouse device would be launched alongside a brand new flagship unit, the cryptic, foldable Galaxy X, which is rumored for a Q3 launch this year.

The Galaxy Note 8's official release date has not been revealed by Samsung, but speculations are high among fans and analysts alike that the flagship phablet would be revealed sometime in the second half of 2017. Traditionally, Samsung has released the Note series sometime around August or September, scheduling it weeks before Apple unveils the year's iPhone lineup. With this in mind, a Pocket-Lint report stated that most recent speculations on the Note 8's release date still place the device on a possible Q3 reveal.

In a lot of ways, Samsung has a number of very good reasons to release the Galaxy Note 8 in August or September of 2017. For one, it would show the market that the tech conglomerate is unfazed with last year's Note 7 disaster. Apart from this, it would also give the South Korean tech giant enough time to ensure that its next flagship phablet would not carry the same flaws that ultimately compromised the structural integrity of the device. With these factors in mind, a possible August or September 2017 release date for the Note 8 seems very likely.

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are abounding, and most of them are extremely encouraging. Specs-wise, there is little doubt that Samsung would most likely pack the device with its most formidable set of technical specifications to date. A 4K Display, around 6GB to 8GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, as well as a dual-camera configuration have been rumored for the device. The upcoming flagship is also speculated to be equipped with a revamped S-Pen, a dual-edge display and possibly, even JBL speakers.

One thing that fans of the flagship phablet have been very enthusiastic about is the speculated return of the removable battery in the Galaxy Note 8. Removable batteries have always been a preferred option for power users, most of whom carry around multiple battery packs for everyday use. Apart from this, a removable battery would also ensure that the Note 8 would not follow the same fate as its now-discontinued sibling, since the Note 7's battery problems could have easily been addressed had the device featured a removable battery pack.

The Galaxy Note 8 would no doubt be a formidable device, one which would most likely stand taller than most smartphones that are scheduled for release this year. Considering that there is a lot at stake on its launch, speculations have emerged that Samsung might be preparing to debut a brand new flagship-grade device during the Note 8 launch. The rumored device is something that Samsung fans have been looking forward to for a long time: the flexible OLED-totting, foldable Galaxy X.

The Galaxy X is yet to be officially announced by Samsung and thus, the device only exists in the form of concept art and rumors for now. However, recent moves by Samsung has led analysts and fans alike to speculate that the South Korean tech giant is planning to finally unveil the breakthrough device sometime this year. A recent Korea Herald report has stated that a source, who has opted to remain anonymous, has stated that Samsung is likely to reveal a device with a foldable display sometime on Q3 2017. This device, of course, could be no other than the long-awaited Galaxy X.

Samsung has initially teased the concept of a foldable smartphone back in 2013, where it showed an ad featuring a foldable device that doubles as a phone and as a tablet. Though the concept was received very warmly by Samsung's fans, however, the tech giant has so far been unable to release a smartphone with features akin to those shown in the brief teaser. Considering the most recent rumors about the device, however, it appears like 2017 would be the year when the Galaxy X, Samsung's first foldable phone, would finally make its debut into the smartphone market.

The Galaxy Note 8 would most likely be a success, considering the strong consumer loyalty that Samsung enjoys. This, apart from the upcoming flagship phablet's rumored monster specs, would most likely be enough to attract consumers to try out the Note line despite the series' unfortunate fate last year. Samsung could even augment its chances this year by launching the Note 8 with one of its most interesting, revolutionary devices. If the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy X end up having the same release date, it would be a definitive, powerful statement of how far Samsung is willing to go in order to establish its place at the top of the smartphone market.