'Shazam' Movie: Sinbad Comments On Playing A Genie In A Movie People Remember But Can't Find Anymore

Inquisitr Staff

Sinbad recently took to Twitter to comment on playing a genie in a movie called Shazam (also commonly spelled Shazaam) that people say they remember but apparently can't find anymore.

The Shazam movie "Mandela Effect" has taken the internet community by storm. Fans say they vividly remember watching a Sinbad genie movie dating back to the early 90s but finding tangible proof the Shazam movie ever existed is impossible. People have now resorted to calling out Sinbad on social media for an explanation of what happened to the Shazam movie. So, starting late last month, Sinbad decided to address the whole Shazam movie phenomenon in a series of tweets and finally put to rest whether he really did play a genie in a movie.

However, people say they remember yet another Shazam movie that already supposedly exists from the 1990s, starring Sinbad as the lead character -- a beloved magical genie who grants wishes to two children, as described by I4U News on Monday.

Reddit has an entire chat room devoted to the Mandela Effect, also known as a confabulation, or a disturbance in memory. A report on the New Statesman says that several Redditors believe the Shazam movie existed even though there's no proof the film ever existed. People who say they remember watching a Sinbad genie movie called Shazam cannot produce a physical copy of the VHS tape or find anywhere online that verifies the film's existence. But several threads on a subreddit called the Mandela effect make reference to the "non-existent" Shazam movie. The Shazam movie Mandela effect is such a hot topic on Reddit that an entire thread has been created asking if there's anyone who doesn't remember the Sinbad genie movie.

Reddit user BevoDDS says that if a Shazam movie ever did exist, he would probably remember it, but doesn't.

"I'm not convinced in the least that there was a Sinbad genie movie for a couple of reasons. I was born in the mid 80s, so the nineties was my entire childhood. I lived in a small town with a pretty decent video store, and really the only thing to do on weekends was rent movies and watch them with friends, family, and Pizza Hut. I probably saw just about everything aimed at kids or families during this time. If a Sinbad genie movie had come out, there is a very good chance I would have seen it."

Several other Reddit users agree with BevoDDS and say that they also don't remember a Shazam movie at all.

"I have no memory of Shazam. I do have memories of seeing TV spots for Sinbad the Sailor and wondering if Sinbad the comedian got his name and style from him. I was a kid, so that's how my thought process worked."

Still, other people on Reddit and across social media say they do remember Sinbad playing a genie in a movie called Shazam and wonder how a movie could "simply vanish" from history. One man has even offered a bounty on Craigslist of $1,000 for anyone who can turn up a copy of the Shazam movie, either from a video store or a "bootleg VHS copy."

Another man recalls watching the Sinbad genie movie with his sister in the early 90s, and still yet someone else says they found proof that the Shazam movie exists in the form of a trailer clip on YouTube. However, that alleged trailer was uploaded just recently, on Monday, January 2, with comedian Sinbad appearing in the beginning of the clip but retired basketball player Shaquille O'Neal dressed like a genie as the clip continues.

Shaquille O'Neal did play a genie in the 1996 film Kazaam. So, are people confusing Shazam -- or Shazaam -- with Kazaam, while also confusing Sinbad with Shaquille O'Neal?

This is the most likely scenario, but people still swear they remember Sinbad dressed as a genie. Sinbad admits he dressed "very much like a genie" in one episode of Nickelodeon's All That and also hosted a Sinbad the Sailor movie marathon in 1994, but has never played a genie in a movie titled Shazam or Shazaam.

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