Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds’ Deaths Have Mark Hamill Feeling ‘Angry And So Sad’

The sudden death of both Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, hit Hollywood pretty hard and Friday, Carrie’s on-screen brother, Mark Hamill, discussed how losing them both has left him in a state of shock.

Hamill had taken to social media earlier in the week shortly after the death of Fisher, posting a lovely tribute his Star Wars co-star.

No one, including Mark, was prepared for the subsequent passing of Carrie’s mother, Debbie, as she mourned the loss of her only daughter. Hamill admitted to Entertainment Weekly that the loss of not one but two of the same family was difficult for him to process. Mark stated that though he and Carrie weren’t necessary close, their Star Wars experience had given them an unexplainable bond, and Hamill would forever treasure their relationship.

Hamill also admitted he felt an obligation to discuss Fisher’s death as a means of helping Star Wars fans come to terms with the loss of their favorite princess.

Mark Hamill angry and sad over Carrie Fisher death
Mark Hamill is mourning the death of his 'Star Wars' space twin Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds. [Image by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for The Midnight Mission.]

“I think that if I talk about her, maybe fans will not give in to despair, but I feel like a real hypocrite because I’m not okay with it at all. I’m angry and so sad. In a way, if we can all work through it together, we’ll all be better off,” Hamill reportedly said.

Hamill said both Fisher and Reynolds had mothering personalities, but were also very opinionated and vocal. Though Mark didn’t have the carnal knowledge that Harrison Ford might have had of Carrie, his love and adoration of her was evident as he continued to post on social media Thursday sharing a makeshift Hollywood star memorial fans had erected on behalf of Fisher.

According to People, Hamill went on to describe Fisher and Reynolds as an Oscar Madison and Felix Unger type of coupling. Debbie was the optimistic, bubbly personality, while Carrie was the typical grump, walking around in a bathrobe muttering. Mark noted Carrie’s endearing quality of being protective of her mother and the legacy of Reynolds’ career.

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford had recently reunited for the new Star Wars trilogy last year. It was the first time the trio had reprised their Star Wars roles since 1983’s Return of the Jedi and Fisher and Hamill especially were embracing the resurgence.

Hamill, Fisher, and Ford became cultural icons thanks to their roles in Star Wars. No one expected the space drama to be such a huge success and Fisher often talked about how they all really knew it would be a big hit but were keeping it a secret to see the emotion on George Lucas’ face change when he realized the hit he had on his hands. Hamill and Fisher had entered the Star Wars series as relative unknowns, she with only two roles prior to the film, and Mark with a short list of guest starring roles. Ford had garnered some recognition a few years earlier with his role in American Graffiti.

Mark Hamill reflected on the special bond that developed with 'Star Wars' co-star Carrie Fisher following her death this week. [Image by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images.]

Though Hamill’s appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was brief, Mark is expected to have a bigger role in Episode VIII. Though Fisher was able to finish her work on Episode VIII before she passed away, it’s unknown how her untimely death will effect the storyline and filming for Episode IX.

Mark Hamill later found a successful career after the original Star Wars trilogy performing voice-over work for various animated superhero series, most notably as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. Hamill’s Star Wars and animation roles have made him a comic-con darling.

Though Hamill may feel a little lost without his space twin, Star Wars fans will undoubtedly be looking to him and leaning on him to fill the nostalgic void left by Fisher death and Ford’s character’s demise. It may seem an insurmountable task only fit for a Jedi.

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney.]