November 14, 2017
Kylie Jenner Accused Of Cheating On Tyga: Is She Now 'Desperate' To Marry Him?

There could be trouble in Kylie Jenner's relationship with Tyga. The 19-year-old socialite and the 27-year-old rapper have been inseparable throughout most of their relationship. Now that the rapper is on tour, Kylie is worried that he will end up cheating on him. However, fans have assumed that she has already beaten him at his own game.

Kylie Jenner has been making headlines for posing in a pair of men's underwear – but they're not just any underwear. The reality star is often seen wearing her own "Thick" underwear, Tyga's Crisp boxer line, or her lacy underwear. She's hardly seen wearing another pair of men's underwear for the fun of it.

kylie jenner cheated on tyga
Fans think Kylie Jenner is stepping out with Tyga while he's on tour. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Philipp Plein]

She posted a photo of herself on Friday (Feb. 24) evening wearing a white tank top pulled up to show off her abs. Kylie was also seen rocking a pair of matching briefs with a black waistband. The men's briefs did not come from her "Thick" underwear line, as seen on The Kylie Shop. And, they sure did not come from Tyga's Crisp underwear line.

Kylie's mysterious underwear featured Cyrillic text on the waistband, leading some to speculate that she chose that specific underwear to make her boyfriend jealous. The "Rack City" rapper is currently on tour and reports have surfaced that she's worried sick that he will cheat on her with his one of his groupies, reports Unreality TV. So, Kylie has retaliated by stepping up her selfie game and stepping out in racy outfits to make him jealous.

One fan thinks that this latest photo is an effort to make T-Raww worried that she is cheating on him with another man.

It also has been rumored that the young Kylie Cosmetics owner is "desperate" to marry Tyga, despite her family's attempts to stop her. She's been spotted out with the rapper and his son, King Cairo before his tour and insiders have said that she loves how they feel like a family unit.

"Kylie really, really, wants to get married to Tyga," one source told In Touch Magazine. "But, she's terrified he will cheat on her and thinks if they get married that will stop him. They've been together for ages now and Kylie thinks it's high time Tyga steps up and does the deed. She's got weddings on the brain, and all she can think about is the dresses, and rings, and honeymoons. Kylie's pretty much planned the entire wedding already in her head, now she just needs Tyga to propose!"

kylie jenner attached to tyga
Kylie Jenner feels attached to Tyga and his son. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar]

Tyga has been engaged before to his baby mama, Blac Chyna. He already knows what it's like to go through a relationship that didn't work out as planned. He is being more cautious this time around even if he's serious about the starlet. The source said that Tyga is refusing to oblige by Kylie's desires.

"Tyga knows what she wants, but he's not playing her game," the source continued. "He thinks they are both still too young to get married, and he sees no rush. But she's got weddings and babies on the brain!"

She supposedly has their whole wedding planned – from the dresses to the honeymoon. She wants them to get married in either Vietnam or Jamaica, or maybe have a ceremony in both places, another source told Hollywood Life. Fans already think Kylie's engaged after she was seen with a diamond band on her left hand in her latest selfie shared on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

While she has been dating the rapper for a few years, she has denied that they are engaged. However, that hasn't stopped her from sparking the rumors with her sparkly ring collection, reports The Mirror. Every time the engagement or cheating rumors swirl, Kylie adds to it with one of her mirror selfies.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Philipp Plein]