Hatchimal Won’t Hatch? Customers Complain, Search For Ways To Fix Must-Have Robot Toy

If your Hatchimal won’t hatch, do not feel left out, because you are one of possibly hundreds of people across the globe who have experienced a similar problem. Many customers have taken to social media and e-commerce platforms to vent their frustrations over the must-have Christmas toy.

The Facebook page “Dead Hatchimal Owners United” was created so owners of the robot toy could share their problems and find solutions. At the time of writing, the group had gotten over 650 members.

Complaints that the Hatchimal won’t hatch is just one of several problems that customers have shared on the Facebook page. Several customers have also lamented about the poor customer service provided by the maker of the toy, Spin Master.

One customer said that he contacted Spin Master via Twitter and was told to call the company’s customer service number. However, when he called, he received a voice message saying that all the company’s representatives were busy at the time. Another user claimed to have been put on hold and waited to talk to a representative of Spin Master for up to two hours. Some customers, however, said that they had been able to reach Spin Master and got a response. One customer said the company had promised to send a replacement Hatchimal to her.

With several children disappointed that their Hatchimal won’t hatch, parents have resolved to some unconventional techniques, including breaking the toy out of its shell.

On Christmas Day, Spin Master released a statement on Facebook acknowledging the complaints it has received from customers that their Hatchimal won’t hatch.

“The first step to note is that the plastic ‘lock’ located underneath the egg needs to be turned 90 degrees and pulled out from underneath to activate the hatching process,” the company said.

Spin Master has several tips and tricks on its website to help customers as their Hatchimal goes through the process of breaking out of its shell. First, the company states that customers must interact with the egg before the hatching process would begin. Interacting with the egg includes tilting, running, and tapping it. The Hatchimal will begin to peck its way out of the egg when it is ready to hatch. During the hatching process, the light of the egg may change several times.

Spin Master has provided a “color dictionary” to help customers understand the meaning of each of the color that the Hatchimal displays. The Hatchimal creates different colors to communicate different things, including anger or the need to burp. Customers are required to perform a specific action with the egg or the Hatchimal to satisfy the toy’s needs.

The Hatchimal is arguably the most popular toy this holiday season, with stocks of the robot selling out in several places. In the U.K., the demand for the round-eyed robot toy was so large that people have started selling it through online platforms like eBay for as much as six times the original price, the Times reported.

Now, with growing complaints that the Hatchimal won’t hatch or it has gone dead, there are lingering questions about whether the sale of the toy would be affected. On Amazon, a majority of customers have given the toy negative reviews.

While there are complaints and negative reviews about the Hatchimal, the hype surrounding the toy is very much still alive. On Twitter, many users have been raving about the toy. Some users have even admitted that they would like to buy a Hatchimal.

With talks that the Hatchimal won’t hatch among other complaints, would you buy this toy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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