NBA Trade Rumors: John Wall, Avery Bradley, And The Celtics

NBA trade rumors and trade talks continue to go into the holidays, and Washington Wizards point guard John Wall and Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley are just two NBA players who could be on the move.

Now for Wall, the talk of him being on the move via trade, or the Wizards deciding not to trade him at all to a competing NBA franchise will continue either until something happens or the trade deadline expires in February.

Wall will be an unrestricted NBA free agent in 2019, and with two years still under his current NBA contract, some have stated that the Wizards need to re-sign Wall now. One opinion of those in favor of Wall being given a new contract instead of a trade to an NBA team came from an article posted on Fox Sports,

“How many more Verizon Center seats would go empty if John Wall wasn’t wearing a Wizards’ jersey? And how many channels would still be tuned to CSN-MA if Wall isn’t on the court? Without Wall there is no Washington Wizards.”

That would be a problem for the Wizards, who are the 10th place team in the East. Until that NBA franchise decides to put more help around Wall, they will continue to either be a very low playoff seed or not make the playoffs at all. Fans will need something more to cheer for in the future, and Wall could provide the value to bring in more younger players to build the franchise into a contender.

Losing Wall via trade would hurt the current Wizards lineup, but also remember this NBA team needs to get ready for the future, and one team who could provide the Wizards with what they are possibly looking for is the Boston Celtics.

Avery Bradley of the Celtics glides to the hoop during an NBA game this season.
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One player on the Celtics who is starting to draw interest from NBA teams is Avery Bradley.

Speaking of possible NBA trade scenarios, what about some sort of deal involving Wall and Bradley? The Celtics are 17-12 overall, third in the Eastern Conference, and to be honest, they are one of the more interesting up-and-coming teams in the the entire NBA.

One of those interested in Bradley and how NBA front offices are viewing the Celtics guard in a possible trade is Jay King of MassLive, as he writes that Bradley brings a lot of strengths to a team,

“Bradley can defend either backcourt position. He has become an elite outside shooter. He has progressed as a playmaker. Those skills are easily marketable. Maybe that will matter when the Celtics consider trade possibilities at some point.”

Now, would a trade be possible between these two franchises? Why not, because the NBA and trade rumors go hand in hand.

If the Celtics want to compete now with the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors, who are ahead of them in the standings, a trade for a former All-Star like Wall — who is averaging 23.7 points per game — would be great for them not just in the current season, but for next season, too.

From there, the Celtics could have proper time to evaluate Wall and see how he meshes with their NBA franchise and roster from there on out.

John Wall and Avery Bradley battle during an NBA game.
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Looking at Bradley, he averages 17.9 ppg, but he’s outplaying his season average the past 10 games with 18.4 ppg and nearly seven rebounds per game. Compared to Wall, his rebound numbers for the NBA season thus far are 4.5 per game, but his assist numbers are 9.5 per game.

Right now, Wall brings more to a team than Bradley overall, but both players have their own unique talents. Wall is one of the best in the league in not just scoring points, but dishing out the ball, too. Bradley can score and rebound, so a trade somehow involving these two players might work.

These are just trade scenarios and NBA trade rumors, but always thinking about a possible trade can bring to light just how good of a player Wall is right now. Wall doesn’t get a lot of national coverage due to playing on a losing Washington team, but the more Wall is talked about in a possible trade, the more many can get to know about the young and talented players in the NBA who might be on their way to becoming superstars as well.

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