Texas Mother Shanna Vandewege And Infant Son Found With Throats Cut, Murder Investigation Stalling As Husband Lawyers Up

On December 15, Texas mother Shanna Vandewege and her 3-month old son Diederick were found slain in their Fort Worth beds. According to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office, both had had their throats slit, and those wounds proved fatal in both victims. Neighbors of the 36-year-old Texas mother, neighbors who had enjoyed the peace and tranquility of living in a “safe” neighborhood before the horrific murders of Shanna Vandewege and her son, suddenly found their world turned upside down.

So far, Fort Worth police investigating the unthinkable double homicide have no suspect in the murders. Nor have they ruled anyone out as a possible suspect in the troubling case.

“At this time we have ruled no one out as a potential suspect. Also, we are not specifically looking at any one person as a suspect at this time.”

As neighbors like Teri Perez wait for answers, they admit to the media that the murder of Texas mother Shanna Vandewege has rocked them to their core, adding that they have made changes to their routines as they cope with an unknown murderer lurking. Possibly in their very midst. According to Perez, the murder took place at a home adjacent to her kids’ bus stop. She claims that she was able to see the crime scene tape erected by police at the Vandewege home from her house and that she feared for her kids’ safety on Friday after school.

“On Friday I called them en route, and I was like, lock the doors, turn on the alarm, and don’t answer the doors at all. It’s very scary.”

As The Star-Telegram reports, police were alerted to the murders of the Texas mother and her infant son when they received a call that a man had arrived home to find a woman and a child dead in their beds. That man has now been identified as Craig Vandewege, husband to slain mother Shanna and father of her infant son. Following the discovery of murdered Texas mother Shanna Vandewege and little Diederick last Thursday, Craig was reportedly questioned and released by investigators.

Now, reports The Star-Telegram, the husband of Shanna Vandewege has stopped talking to law enforcement, opting to “lawyer up” following a second police questioning session on Monday.

According to Fort Worth homicide Detective Matt Barron, murdered Texas mother Shanna Vandewege’s husband (and the father of her slain infant) Craig Vandewege told investigators during his Monday interview that he wants to speak with a lawyer before he talks to detectives again about the case. Vandewege then reportedly left the police interview to consult legal counsel. The announcement of Mr. Vandewege’s decision was made on Tuesday, and according to police, it has resulted in their investigation into the horrific case becoming “stalled.”

Detective Barron adds that while the husband of the murdered Texas mother told investigators on Monday that he wouldn’t continue talking to them without first speaking to an attorney, as of Tuesday afternoon he had still not initiated additional contact with Fort Worth police.

While the husband of murdered mother Shanna Vandewege has yet to make contact with law enforcement following his declaration that he wanted to speak to an attorney before proceeding with questioning, Detective Barron told the local media that he has spoken with someone from the law firm representing Vandewege and remains “hopeful” that a meeting can be scheduled with the husband/father of the murder victims in the near future.

The detective further stated that it is standard practice for homicide investigators, such as those handling the murder of Texas mother Shanna Vandewege, to question those closest to victims early in the investigation. Then, those people can be eliminated as suspects first and foremost.

“It’s standard and it’s normal for us to try to exclude people close before we can move on and look elsewhere. It stalls our investigation if there’s somebody that close that says flat out, ‘No, I’m not going to do it.'”

When asked if Craig Vandewege is a suspect in the murders of his wife and son, the detective’s answer was more vague.

“Anyone we can’t eliminate is obviously suspect until we can eliminate them. This extremely hinders our ability to move ahead and definitely hinders our ability to eliminate him.”

Craig Vandewege is being represented by an attorney named Leslie Barrows of The Barrows Firm, something that was reportedly confirmed by a paralegal at the law office who identified herself only as “Caitlin.” According to that paralegal, there is nothing suspect about Mr. Vandewege retaining legal representation at this stage in the homicide investigation of his wife and son.

“…it’s normal practice (in) situations like this that people do seek legal counsel.”

Prior to the murders, Craig had reportedly moved his pregnant wife to Texas from Colorado. Prior to the birth of Diederick, Shanna’s father says that his daughter was a registered nurse at a local hospital. At the time of the senseless slayings, Shanna Vandewege was still on maternity leave. Craig Vandewege reportedly works for Costco.

Since the discovery of the bodies of his wife, Shanna, and his infant child, Craig Vandewege has not spoken out publicly regarding the murder of the Texas mother and son.

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