December 20, 2016
Selena Gomez Faces Justin Bieber Rumors -- And A Taylor Swift Feud?

Selena Gomez just landed an exciting partnership with Coach but at the same time, the 24-year-old singer and actress has been linked to rumors regarding both her former boyfriend and one of her best friends.

Over the weekend, as Gomez confirmed her deal with Coach by sharing a photo of her ad campaign on Instagram, a Life & Style magazine source claimed she had been obsessing over Justin Bieber's social media feed before beginning her alleged three-month stay in rehab.

According to the report, Selena Gomez was allegedly "stalking" her former boyfriend on social media and would reportedly "drink a lot" before she released a statement, confirming her decision to take some time off and address her issues, including anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

"[Selena Gomez] could barely do anything but talk or think about Justin," the source alleged.

Selena Gomez attends a 2016 Oscar party
Selena Gomez attends the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

The Life & Style source went on to reveal that Selena Gomez had started bombarding her friends with old photos of herself and Bieber -- even though the 22-year-old singer was involved in a romance with Sofia Richie, the daughter of music icon Lionel Richie, at the time.

"It was creepy," the insider admitted to the magazine. "She wouldn't stop. She said she missed him and the pictures made her happy. But her friends thought it just made her look sick."

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber engaged in a highly publicized feud with one another on Instagram in August, just weeks before she told People magazine that she would be ending her tour and taking some time off. As fans will recall, the feud erupted after Bieber shared a photo of himself and Richie in Japan and threatened to make his Instagram account private if fans didn't start being nicer to the people in his life.

After seeing what Bieber had written to his fans, Selena Gomez fired back at her ex-boyfriend and reminded him that his fans have been with him since the start of his career. She also suggested that he keep his romance to himself, stating that some things should be kept private. Unfortunately, her advice didn't go over well and Bieber quickly shot back at Gomez by accusing her of using him for attention.

In response, Selena Gomez reminded Bieber that she had allegedly been the one who forgave him after he was unfaithful to her multiple times. Bieber then suggested it was Gomez who had cheated on him with former One Direction singer Zayn Malik.

Selena Gomez attends the 2015 AMAs
Selena Gomez attends the 2015 American Music Awards. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

In other Selena Gomez news, the singer was recently accused of cutting off her best friend, Taylor Swift. Earlier this week, a Radar Online report suggested Gomez had "ditched" Swift, who they referred to as a bad influence on the "fragile" singer.

According to the report, Selena Gomez, who was believed to have checked out of a Tennessee rehab facility weeks ago, refused to be a part of Swift's recent 27th birthday after being advised by her counselors to avoid the bash.

"Since [Selena Gomez] got out of rehab, she has been cutting out all of the bad influences in her life — and that definitely included Taylor," a source claimed. "Taylor is always trying to one-up Selena, and make it look like Selena is just lucky to be her friend. Selena is just completely over it."

The outlet further claimed that Selena Gomez had also distanced herself from Swift over the summer when she chose to throw her own Fourth of July party rather than attend the bash thrown by Swift in Rhode Island.

"[Selena Gomez] is sober now, and she is doing everything right," the insider insisted. "She is continuing to see a therapist and surround herself with positive influences. Taylor, unfortunately, does not make the cut anymore."

In response to the report, a source close to Selena Gomez told Gossip Cop the story was untrue.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]