NeNe Leakes Seemingly Tweets In Response To Kandi Burruss Mentioning Her During Phaedra Parks Argument

NeNe Leakes has seemingly watched the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that showed Kandi Burruss negatively mentioning her name during her tense argument with former friend Phaedra Parks. On Monday, NeNe posted a tweet that many viewers took to be directed at Kandi.

NeNe wrote that she always tells the truth but that it just took her followers a while to figure it out. With her hashtag, NeNe warned an unnamed person that she sees her.

While NeNe’s tweet didn’t give a name, many of the comments left in response to the tweet assumed that it was about what happened on the latest Real Housewives episode between Kandi and Phaedra. One person tweeted that Kandi lets everyone know Phaedra’s business now that they’re no longer friends when several seasons ago, she criticized NeNe for supposedly doing just that to Cynthia Bailey and Kim Zolciak.

The person went on to describe Kandi as a “big red headed, big meal eating hypocrite.”

NeNe’s hashtag of #iseeyou is perhaps the clearest indication that her tweet is in reference to Kandi. During Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the friendship between Kandi and Phaedra began to have problems when Phaedra told others, namely NeNe and Porsha Williams, that Kandi, with whom she had been very good friends with for years, wasn’t there for her much as she dealt with her now-ex-husband Apollo Nida’s legal troubles and impending prison sentence. In one tearful scene, Phaedra told NeNe that out of everyone, she has been there for her the most as she struggled with being a single mom to two young boys and the ramifications of Apollo’s actions. When Kandi heard from others what Phaedra was saying about her and their friendship, she was upset that Phaedra didn’t go to her first. Kandi made it clear that she did not like Phaedra talking to NeNe, with whom she was never close to and trusted, about them.

During the Season 7 reunion show, NeNe and Kandi exchanged some tense words with some another. NeNe told Kandi that she and Phaedra never talked about her negatively but simply connected with one another as women who have gone through difficult times with divorce and single motherhood. Kandi accused NeNe of not being capable of being a good friend to someone, claiming that she went behind Cynthia’s back and shared her information once they were no longer friends.

“Because at the end of the day, you were the rock for her [Cynthia Bailey] but you was copying and texting, texting her messages to us… If you were a best friend to her, you not supposed to share that information!”

Kandi went on to accuse NeNe of doing the same thing to Kim and other people she’s no longer friends with.

“You done that to Kim! You done that to other people you been friends with! Blast them on stuff that you knew about them. What I’m saying is, you’ve shown a side that you’ll blast a person with information that you know about them if ya’ll no longer friends.”

Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes continued arguing, with Kandi even yelling that she doesn’t like NeNe when she shows her “superior, stank a** attitude.” The argument ended with Kandi and NeNe tensely telling one another that they “see” each other.

“I see you. I see you. We good. We good,” NeNe said.

“Okay. We see each other,” Kandi replied.

“We see each other! We good!” NeNe sarcastically reiterated.

In response to a photo that NeNe posted to her Instagram page on Sunday promoting her upcoming New Year’s Eve appearance, there were also many comments about Kandi mentioning her on Sunday night’s episode. One person told NeNe that she was right that Kandi’s trash.

“rude_and_ratchet: U always been right about Kandi she trash”

Another person pointed out how Kandi spilled Phaedra Parks’ business once they were no longer friends, the very same behavior she criticized NeNe for several seasons ago on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“yesitsme_tee: Quite funny how Kandi says you tell your friend’s business on a ‘mad day’ but clearly she’s doing @phaedraparks like that this season! You was so right she is messy! All that money, a new baby, ‘happy’ marriage, & all her ‘businesses’ yet she still finds time to be mad?????”

One viewer asked why Kandi’s so jealous of NeNe.

“kimberly4071: @neneleakes why is Kandi so jealous of you? I’ve never seen anything like this. You have done nothing to her. This is a question that needs answers?”

Yet another viewer wrote that people are now realizing the kind of person Kandi really is, years after NeNe tried to warn everyone about her.

“princedagreatest: @neneleakes you TRIED TO TELL AMERICA ABOUT KANDI.!???? they didn’t listen, NOW They are shocked, chile bye! Come up with something NEW, nene been told us”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in March of 2015, around the time the cast filmed the Season 7 reunion show, NeNe posted a blog post that Kandi’s “hateful and jealous” towards her simply because she was a better friend to Phaedra than she was. Kandi, in turn, replied via social media that she’s not in competition with anyone.

On the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, Phaedra and Kandi met up at Phaedra’s request to talk about the negative comments that Kandi’s mom, Mama Joyce, said about her. When Kandi made it clear through her body language that she was not going to be too friendly, Phaedra asked Kandi why she was acting so mad when everything in her life was going so well, in comparison to her own life as a single mom and all her drama with Apollo. Kandi told Phaedra to stop talking about the difficult time she has had and continues to have, pointing out that Apollo was a big stress in her life and that she’s doing just fine without Apollo. When Phaedra countered that Kandi was making light of her situation, Kandi warned Phaedra to stop before she said something “crazy.”

When Phaedra continued talking, Kandi spilled what Phaedra told her when they were still friends.

“We both know, you was counting down the days until he went away anyways…I’m making it light cause you made it light to me…You was already talking to other people before your husband even went to jail. When we would talk, you be like, you was already planning to marry somebody else by the new year. So really, it was a stress off your back at the time. That was the way you were putting it to me…You was doing your pity party but with me there was no pity party.”

Kandi also lashed out at Phaedra for crying to NeNe about their friendship when she didn’t even cry about Apollo, implying that it was just done for the cameras.

During This Discussion, Who's Side Are You On? ???????? #RHOA #KandiBurruss #PhaedraParks

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In her confessional interview, Kandi outright accused Phaedra of having a sexual relationship with another man during her marriage to Apollo.

“Now I know my name is Kandi but it ain’t chocolate okay and you know you had chocolate melted in your mouth and not in your hands honey!”

During Phaedra Parks’ appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live last week, Phaedra said that she hasn’t seen NeNe Leakes, who popped up in Season 8 in a few scenes, much lately because they’re both so busy. Perhaps NeNe will make some appearances on the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to back up Phaedra and confront Kandi Burruss once again?

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