First Look: ‘The Flash’ Is Adding A DC Comics Character To Season 3

After a revealing midseason finale and an epic crossover between the Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash Season 3 is adding a DC comic character when the series returns from its midseason break. Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon/Vibe, revealed to fans that The Flash will introduce DC Comics Justice League character Gypsy, according to Cinema Blend.

“There’s gonna be a new visitor to our world named Gypsy. DC Comics fans will be familiar with Gypsy. She’s gonna be coming into our world and Vibe will definitely get to learn some new skills as part of getting to know her.”

Although Gypsy’s casting has not been officially announced, YVRShoots tweeted what looks like a picture of Gyspy filming a scene of The Flash.

In the comics, Gypsy has the ability to cast illusions. She will help Cisco develop his precognitive abilities and moving between dimensions. This addition suggests that we will see a lot more of Vibe fighting alongside Barry and Kid Flash when The Flash returns.

In the Christmas episode, Barry is mending most of the wounds he opened with Flashpoint, and it seems like the team is ready to move on. The episode revealed where Savitar came from and why he hates Barry Allen. Jay Garrick revealed that Savitar is the first person to be granted the speed force and became the god of speed. It turns out that he is on Earth because he has a huge ego and Barry is challenging his power.

In the meantime, Wally West is showing more potential than Barry did early on and he may become a fixture in the next half of the season. He is also officially given the Kid Flash costume at the end of the episode. After Barry and the team manage to subdue Savitar, they speak to him via Julian and he delivers a chilling prophecy about the future. He states that one of them will betray the team, one will fall, and one will suffer a fate worse than death.

Barry and Jay Garrick throw the Philosopher’s stone into the speed force. However, Barry goes into the future and finds out that Savitar somehow escapes and kills Iris. Jay Garrick convinces Barry that the future is not set in stone and everyone has a nice Christmas.

The midseason finale “The Present” sets up the next half of The Flash for an epic battle against Savitar and leaving fans wondering whether the prophecy will come true. If Barry manages to change the future and save Iris, what will be the consequences this time? After Flashpoint, Barry will probably be extra cautious about trying to change the future or the past. There is no telling at this point whether Savitar’s prophecy will come true but it leaves fans something to ponder about.

The Flash Season 3 returns to CW on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 with episode 10, which is titled “Borrowing Problems From The Future.” According to Cosmic Book News, an exclusive clip of the episode features the following.

“The clip features Barry and Wally having returned from capturing Plunder and ‘depositing him in Iron Heights.’ Wally also happened to save Barry’s life on the mission, and Barry isn’t too happy. The rest of Team Flash doesn’t know that Pluder, aka Jared Morillo, was mentioned in that future timeline Barry visited where Iris gets killed (from tonight’s episode). The clip also features Wells mentioning the STAR Labs museum is about to open.”

It seems like there will be issues between Kid Flash and Barry. Perhaps the speedsters don’t work together or Wally is faster than Barry.

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