Leah Messer Admits To Fighting With MTV Over ‘Teen Mom 2,’ But What Makes It Worthwhile?

Leah Messer has been on Teen Mom 2 for years, and she has filmed the show when she was happy, sad, and frustrated. While Leah has never fought with producers on the show like Farrah Abraham, she revealed that the show hasn’t always been a fun journey for her. She also admits that she doesn’t always enjoy filming Teen Mom 2. Last season, Messer was highly criticized for not giving her daughters breakfast before taking them to school, and she was also criticized when her daughter was caught eating icing for breakfast because she was hungry.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that while it is frustrating at times to film Teen Mom 2 and be criticized for her role as a mother, she does find moments where it is all worthwhile. And while some people may guess that the massive paychecks from MTV are worth it for the majority of the girls, it sounds like Leah needs something more. And this weekend, she met someone who had been inspired by her journey, and she decided to share why it was all worth it.

“This makes me feel the besttttt! You were awesome love. Never let anything hold you back! #DreamBig At the end of the day.. THIS is what makes “TEEN MOM 2″ worth doing. My relationship with MTV may be horrible at times, but making others feel like this girl felt makes it well worth it all at the end! I will set the example these girls need, and we will make a difference! #BeYou #NeverChange #MakeADifference #LiveWellWithLeah #LiveYourStandard,” Leah Messer revealed in an Instagram post, where she shared a picture of herself with a fan of the show.

Of course, Messer has been through some rough times over the past couple of years. Leah decided to give her marriage to Corey Simms a chance after she cheated on him with an ex-boyfriend, but the two eventually divorced. They have shared custody of the twin girls since their divorce, even though Corey expressed concern when Leah dealt with depression and anxiety.

Leah herself moved on with Jeremy Calvert and had another baby girl, but it didn’t take long for them to divorce. Her depression changed her as a person, and Jeremy wanted out of the marriage. But when it comes to Teen Mom 2 fans, people think that Leah Messer has changed completely. Not only has she pulled herself out of her depression, but she has also bought a home for herself and her three daughters.

“I think you are an amazing mother! You’ve have grown through a lot but came out strong. Makes me believe I can do it too,” one fan wrote back to Leah, while others added, “Thank you for being on the show. So many women can relate to you and you are very inspirational to us all. I can tell you’re a very sweet person” and “you are so inspiring, I also had twins at 16, and went through hell, struggled with addiction and anxiety and made it out. It’s hard work everyday and you’re killing it.”

It sounds like Leah has finally turned things around when it comes to her life. With a house in her name and her daughters at home with her, it sounds like things can only go up from here.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s comments that filming Teen Mom 2 is frustrating but worth it? Do you think she will be the great example for people who need a role model, who has moved through the hurdles and come out on the other side?

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Instagram]