Jinger Duggar Missed By The Duggars As ‘Jill And Jessa Counting On’ Star Starts Family With Jeremy Vuolo After Wedding

It has been a full month since Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s wedding. The Duggars have been missing Jinger more than ever as she starts her own family with her new husband. To show that they are still thinking about her, they have been uploading plenty of Throwback Thursday pictures of the 22-year-old bride on Instagram.

But it is a good thing that Jinger and Jeremy are starting a family of their own – that will increase the chance of fans seeing her on Jill and Jessa Counting On!

Till the episodes continue in the new year, the Duggars have been posting never-been-seen pictures of Jinger on Instagram and Facebook. Check them out below!

And here is a picture that shows just how different she is from when she was just a violin-loving child.

TBT! Do you recognize this little violinist? ????

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Looks like her love for eyeliners have grown since then!

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been pretty quiet ever since their wedding and returning from their honeymoon. Despite the fact that she is now married, the 22-year-old Duggar does not yet have an Instagram account of her own. Jeremy Vuolo, who was famous before his relationship with Jinger due to his soccer career, has his own Facebook page, in which he likes to update his fans on his life trajectory.

However, he has been restricting his posts to be about his Christian faith, limiting pictures with his new wife as they begin their lives as a married couple.

The last blog post that the 29-year-old ex-soccer player wrote was titled “Spiritual Stargazers,” reaffirming his faith as he begins a new phase in his life.

“It is a chilly evening and you are enjoying your usual evening prayer walk through the neighborhood,” Jeremy wrote to start his blog post. “However, tonight feels especially dark…maybe a street light or two reluctantly decided they could no longer resist the darkness about them and abandoned their post. Whatever the reason, the brisk air combined with the dimly lit sidewalk constructs an almost eery atmosphere that your subconscious takes as a sure signal to shift your prayers into quiet mumblings of Psalm 23:4.”

Maybe they are taking the advice they received from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary recently, to heart, making sure that the first days of their marriage starts on a good note.

“We encourage all of you guys out there, pursue your wife as if you were dating her, treat her like a queen, humble yourself and ask for forgiveness when offenses come,” the patriarch and matriarch of the Duggars wrote on their family blog.

“We encourage husbands & wives to read the Bible together,” they continued. “Pray together and take your family regularly to a good Bible teaching church and watch what God does with you marriage and family! We are excited about Jinger & Jeremy’s upcoming wedding and marriage and seeing what God does with each one of our children’s and grandchildren’s lives over the next few years!”

Before they got married, Jinger and Jeremy were known for their physical intimacy during their courting period, which is something that the Duggar family is wary about. But they successfully defended their love, saying that their intentions are “pure.”

“Jinger and I are both very affectionate. It means a lot to have an arm around or something, and that’s how we express our affection,” Jeremy said, according to Us Weekly. “We have a clean conscience as long as it’s not leading us to impurity.”

Do you think Jinger Duggar is planning on coming into the spotlight as a married woman? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Instagram]