Angelina Jolie Claims Brad Pitt Traumatized Their Kids, He Says Her U.N. Endgame Is Real Reason

Angelina Jolie is accused of claiming estranged ex-husband-to-be Brad Pitt abused one of their six kids so she can gain full custody of their children and move them to London with her for a high-powered job with the UN, according to a new report.

Meanwhile, World War Brange’s divorce and custody fight is getting uglier and more public, amid competing media stories fed from either side’s sources.

First, some context. Jolie filed for divorce back in September days after a verbal fight with Pitt during the family’s private jet flight from Europe to LA. The actress claimed Brad “lunged” at their eldest son, Maddox, 15, when the teen defended Jolie.

Pitt and Jolie were married for two years and have spent over a decade together. In the divorce filing, Angelina cited concerns about Pitt’s parenting after his argument with Maddox.

Outlandish media stories followed originating from Jolie sources telling TMZ that Pitt smoked pot and has anger issues when dealing with their children. It was even claimed that Brad “urinated” on the airport tarmac after the argument on the jet.

Days of evidently shocked silence later, Pitt’s camp retaliated via a first article in Us Weekly which said that Jolie was unjustifiably smearing Pitt as an abusive father.

Fast forward to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and the FBI both clearing Pitt completely of any abuse claims in late November.

Previously, Mail Online reported that Jolie scouted for a new house for her and the children away from Pitt before the jet flight. She eventually moved them to Malibu. This, of course, undermines the 41-year-old’s activist’s claim that the argument between Maddox and Brad on the plane triggered her decision to divorce.

Before the FBI and DCFS cleared Pitt of alleged abuse, a temporary custody arrangement was set in October. It grants primary custody to Jolie and supervised visits to Pitt, the terms of which the actor agreed to voluntarily. Brad subsequently filed for joint custody but is still abiding by the agreement.

Which bring us up to date and Jolie’s latest move. Following magazines and entertainment outlets reporting that Pitt was sad about not seeing his kids for Thanksgiving (implying Angelina was keeping them from him), she hit back last Friday, December 2, by officially filing the temporary custody agreement with the courts, putting it on the record for the first time.

Up until Jolie’s filing, any claims about the agreement came through sources talking to media outlets. Now, the paperwork detailing the terms of the temporary custody agreement are out there. And it’s not pretty for Brad.

According to the agreement, Pitt has to see a therapist on his own once a week. He’s also expected to attend therapy sessions with the children and Angelina once a week. Notably, Brad’s therapy and visitation schedule are controlled by psychologist Ian Russ, PhD. Russ also tells Pitt when he can see his kids — not Angelina. Brad also agreed to submit to alcohol and drug tests a minimum four times a month.

Three days after Jolie filed the agreement, Brad’s sources leaked a response to PEOPLE and other media outlets saying that she simply wants to publicly embarrass Pitt.

The proof? Nothing about the temporary custody agreement has changed since it was set up in October, so the only reason for making it public is to make Pitt look like a bad dad.

One day after Pitt hit back at Jolie via PEOPLE, his camp told TMZ that Angelina hyped Maddox and Pitt’s verbal — with inadvertent contact — fight on the jet to “abuse” because she wants sole custody of the kids before moving to the U.K. with them to pursue her dream job as the Secretary General of the U.N.

Citing anonymous sources, TMZ wrote, “We’re told she knew that would be nearly impossible unless Brad’s right to joint custody was in jeopardy.”

The site noted that Angelina told the L.A DCFS that Brad brutalized Maddox on the jet and allegedly did other things that endangered their kids. However, Pitt denied intentionally striking Maddox or engaging in any abuse, and the DCFS and FBI agreed.

With sources, TMZ claims two British women who Jolie pays as consultants advised her to make an abuse claims against Pitt if she wants to get sole custody of their kids.

It is reported one of these consultants is a member of England’s House of Lords, and the other has a post in the U.K. government.

How did Angelina respond? The actress’ rep issued a statement denying that Jolie plans to move to London and said she intends to buy a home in LA.

On Wednesday, December 7, a judge refused Pitt’s request for an emergency hearing to seal details about his custody dispute with Jolie. The next date to decide that question will be January 17.

But LA Superior Court Judge Richard J. Burdge Jr. denied Pitt’s request to seal documents in the custody fight and declined to hear Brad’s petition on an expedited basis.

Two days after the Pitt-sourced U.N story hit TMZ, Jolie returned fire using the same outlet.

On December 8, TMZ reported Angelina’s attorney sent a December 1-dated email to Brad’s legal team imploring him for “help” to a find a new therapist to “participate in joint sessions with a trauma specialist so that they may learn how to best support and interact with their children” after the “trauma” of what happened on their private jet.

It’s claimed in the paperwork that Jolie thinks the current family therapy session set up by the DCFS isn’t working and that their kids are still traumatized by the argument on the jet.

In other documents, Pitt’s attorney suggested the two eldest boys, Maddox and Pax, might not want to visit with their father. TMZ claims a source said the boys walked out of one session before and have balked at others.

At this point, the Inquisitr reiterates that the FBI and DCFS found no evidence of abuse or mistreatment by Pitt towards Maddox or his other children on the jet flight or anywhere else.

The big question remains, is Jolie actually engaged in a deceitful power play to smear her estranged husband with the stigma of child abuse in their divorce to get full custody of their children?

Or are there actual grounds for concern that Pitt is an unhealthy influence on their kids, despite professionally-assessed evidence that such a claim is baseless?

One thing is certain: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s real-life “Mr. Vs. Mrs. Smith” face-off will get more vicious, and in the full glare of the media — whether Brad’s battle to seal documents succeeds or not.

Who would have thought the once-relatively private, loved-up Brangelina would end so catastrophically?

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