Judge Reinhold Arrested: What Got 'The Santa Clause' Star On The Naughty List?

Shayla D

Judge Reinhold has been arrested at Dallas Love Field for disorderly conduct, according to Dallas Morning News. While some might have a difficult time remembering who Judge Reinhold is, Christmas movie fans are sure to recall his pivotal role as Tim Allen's ex-wife's husband in The Santa Clause which airs frequently this time of year.

According to news reports, Judge was pulled aside for random screening by TSA agents for a pat down when Reinhold became belligerent with TSA and police officers who tried to calm the actor down. Despite being offered a private screening room, Reinhold continued to be antagonistic, according to officers, and Judge was subsequently placed under arrest.

The City of Dallas released a statement on Reinhold's arrest on their Twitter account. Witnesses report that Judge removed his shirt and was using foul language during the incident. Reinhold was reportedly flying out of Dallas to return to his home in New Mexico.

— City of Dallas (@CityOfDallas) December 8, 2016

According to a 2001 article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Reinhold admitted to struggling with drugs and alcohol early in his career before he had an "undeniable encounter with God." Judge was speaking before the congregation of Hope Community Church at the time. Reinhold told the congregation that his conversion to Christianity from Roman Catholicism is what prompted him to change the trajectory of his life, including what roles Judge was willing to do.

"I want to do things of significance, things that will inspire people to know how good life can be," Reinhold had said. Most likely, however, getting back on the radar for an airport meltdown wasn't the significant thing Judge had in mind.

While surprisingly no video of Judge Reinhold's Love Field flip-out has surfaced, Twitter users amusingly recalled a point in Fast Times at Ridgemont High in which Reinhold's character Brad loses his cool with a customer and subsequently ends up losing his job.

— luv2lift (@lifter4fun) December 9, 2016

— Jason Adams (@JasonAdams1717) December 8, 2016

— WFAA-TV (@wfaachannel8) December 8, 2016

— WFAA-TV (@wfaachannel8) December 9, 2016

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