‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 7: Negan Curious About Carl Grimes’ Backstory? Will He ‘Break Bad’ In Episode 7 ? — ‘TWD’ Comic And E7 Comparisons

The Walking Dead season seven spoilers train just keeps on coming. Episode 7, “Sing Me A Song,” debuts this Sunday making it and Episode 8 the last two concluding the mid-season. Chandler Riggs was rumored to be leaving the show thanks to his father’s social media post which created a stir in the community and the concern of Carl Grimes’ fate. This was later put to rest by his mother. Contrasts have been made regarding how much the show deviates from The Walking Dead comic.

Recently, a TV promo as well as an Instagram tease via social media spoilers suggested the removal of his eye patch. The latter of which was captioned, “Carl Uncovered” and as you can see, it’s quite self-explanatory when coupled with the video footage.

Is Negan Curious About Carl’s Eye?

For those who are not caught up on the situation that led to Carl Grimes’ eye injury, the incident occurred in Season 6 when a bullet meant for Rick Grimes wound up in Carl’s eye. It wasn’t a pretty sight and made for a dramatic situation, but the kid survived.


Fast forward and until now, there was no real focus on that injury, but it appears that Negan may be curious about it. He may wind up asking about the boy’s back story that led up to the eye loss as it seems the leader of the Saviors is very keen on what makes his adversaries tick.

Carl’s Last Trip From Alexandria/Hilltop?

Before getting too far ahead into The Walking Dead’s Season 7 Episode 7, it’s time to take a close look at Episode 6. Carl was finally enjoying what could be his last experiences with Enid and possibly Alexandria. Although Chandler Riggs’ contract will be up and that he was considering college as well, fans stirred up the rumor mill thinking he was leaving the show for college. But nothing can be confirmed until the episodes are viewed.

At this point, we know that he hops into a vehicle back to Negan’s Sanctuary community. The audience isn’t aware of this until Jesus gets the same idea, but he’s coming from the Hilltop Community. This does give a “warm fuzzy” of sorts as the kind Jesus character will be keeping Carl company on a trip that would probably be an anxiety-ridden adventure otherwise.

Will Carl Sing Negan A Song?

The Walking Dead comic book version gives a different slant in issue No. 155. Only Carl hops on one of Negan’s trucks armed and ready, but this time, he’s taking the journey directly from Alexandria, minus his roller skating trip with Enid on the show. Carl proceeds to fire off on the Saviors only to be outnumbered, and the new villain at the time makes him remove the eye patch and sing Negan a song.

Whether or not this is going to happen just shortly after the unveiling come Episode 7, the audience most certainly will find out.

Will Carl Break Bad?

The YouTube thumbnail obviously shows Carl Grimes in the belly of the beast, but just like with Rick will Negan “want to be friends”? Since he’s considered “behind enemy lines” as the trailer mentions, what does this mean for Carl?

Will he submit to the Saviors just like he did back at the prison where Hershel bore witness to Carl’s submission by murdering a surrendered captive? As you can see, Carl Grimes has a history not unlike that of Negan’s current state. Negan is impressed by those who have the mitigated gall to face him in a fearless fashion. Daryl Dixon proved just that.

To reference AMC’s The Walking Dead with Breaking Bad, do you think that Carl will “break bad” considering he is likely in the more impressionable years of his life?

The synopsis of the show reads rather vaguely, only delving further into the environment of the Sanctuary.

“A deeper look at the Sanctuary and the world of the Saviors; members of Alexandria look for supplies.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7’s “Sing Me A Song” debuts this Sunday on AMC at 9 p.m. EST. It will be a 90-minute show. Will the title live up to what happened in the comic book?

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]