‘Heaven Sent’: Lifetime’s Christmastime Movie Is Cheerful And Tearful, Starring Christian Kane, Marley Shelton, Mallory James Mahoney

The new Lifetime movie Heaven Sent is a heartfelt new film that will air this weekend for your holiday pleasure. Heaven Sent, originally titled Christmastime, is about a couple on the verge of divorce who finds the spark again after a child angel is sent to them from heaven. Directed by Michael Land Jr., and written by Rick Ramage, the television movie Heaven Sent has an impressive cast. It stars Christian Kane as Billy Taylor, Marley Shelton as Maire Taylor, Mallory James Mahoney as Taylor, and Ernie Hudson as Donatello, according to Christian Kane Actor.

Movie Synopsis: Heaven Sent (Christmastime) on Lifetime Television

Maire and Billy Taylor have not been getting along. It’s been nine long years in this marriage, and it’s on the edge of disaster. Maire has made up her mind to end the almost-decade’s long marriage to Billy, who just doesn’t seem to do it for her anymore. However, Billy can’t stand the thought of losing Maire, and there is nothing that he wants more than having her in his life.

In desperation, Maire and Billy both send up a prayer to God, begging for help and direction on what to do. Billy tells God that he is at the end of his rope and doesn’t know how to make Maire happy anymore. Meanwhile, Maire has one foot already outside the door. She is confused and needs Billy to understand that it’s over. To make him come to grips with the impending end of their marriage, Maire prays to God for help in convincing Billy that not being together and ending their misery is the next natural step.

To be sure, Maire prays for a sign. That sign comes in the form of a beautiful curly-haired little girl who shows up on their doorstep. Billy doesn’t know what it all means. The little girl, whose name is Taylor, was dropped off by the UPS guy.

In a panic, Billy and Maire call the police. When they arrive, they try to convince them that the girl literally showed up out of nowhere. But when the police offers to take Maire with them to get help, she realizes that they can’t see Taylor.

Soon little Taylor spreads her wings. Now, Billy and Taylor realize that she is an angel from heaven. Her mere presence brings joy into the house, something that has been missing for quite some time.

Constantly seeking advice from heaven, Taylor, the angel, does everything possible to help Billy and Taylor realize what they’ve lost. Slowly but surely, Maire and Billy begin to understand what the other needs and wants in the relationship.

Maire has been angry and resentful for a while. But now, she sees that Billy is making an effort. Having Taylor in their lives is a miracle. She’s a Christmas angel who shows them the true meaning of love and how to live in the moment.

Real-Life Marriages: Not A Walk In the Park

Lifetime’s Heaven Sent is a tender and sweet movie about how a relationship that has lost its spark can be renewed again by seeing the loved one from a new perspective. This is discussed more in the book Should I Try To Work It Out, a guidebook for couples on the brink of divorce. In the book, the following points are highlighted.

“Some may be surprised to learn that many unhappy marriages recover. As one respected marriage therapist and researcher, Dr. William J. Doherty at the University of Minnesota, noted, marriages often do improve over time.”

  • Nationally, about one in seven (13 percent) married individuals say that they have seriously thought about divorcing their spouse recently.
  • But more than 94 percent of married individuals—both men and women—who said that their marriage at some point was in trouble said they were glad they were
    still together.

Another important point brought out in the book is the subject of infidelity, which is one of the most brutal assaults to a marriage. However, some couples have managed to work through it.

According to Should I Try To Work It Out, one couple with four children was able to work out their marriage and keep the family together.

“Four years after the affair they both said they had never been happier. As a result of working things out, their four children were able to have continued and uninterrupted access to each other as well as live in a home with both parents. Both spouses had gone through forgiveness, healing, and changing.”

Christian Kane

In researching Christian Kane for this movie, one is reminded of the movie that he did with Monica many years ago. It was one of the first movies that fans remember, starring Christian Kane. The film, which was called Love Song, included a song and a duet with Monica.

Take time this weekend and watch something beautiful and moving by tuning into the world premiere movie Heaven Sent on Lifetime. It airs this Saturday, December 3, at 8/7 p.m. Central. Last week, the movie Her Dark Past premiered on Lifetime.

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